Feel The Fear and Go For It!

By: Danielle Meeker, IATG Contributor March 24, 2016


“Do one thing everyday that scares you.”


The great Eleanor Roosevelt said this. The longer I’ve been an “adult,” the more this quote resonates with me. I’ve really tried to take it to heart. Now, do I do something that scares me every single day? No, otherwise the adrenaline and stress that naturally comes with doing something scary would shave years off my life (and I plan on living into my 80s or 90s, so every year counts).


Instead, I try to do one thing every month(ish) that scares me. They can be little things, like overcoming my fear of heights by zip lining through the Hawaiian landscape, or something huge, like moving from my hometown in Oregon to Bermuda to pursue my dreams. No matter what happens, whenever I try something outside of my comfort zone, I always feel empowered. It takes a few deep breaths, maybe a pep talk when no one is looking, and then I am ready to go.


A little fear is healthy. It keeps us on our toes and forces us to be completely sure that what we are about to partake in isn’t something dangerous or stupid.


For the most part, at least from what I’ve experienced, fear is an emotion created in our own heads. When we set out to beat that fear, it’s a win we can truly be proud of.


You don’t have to do something every month that scares you if you don’t want to. Do it once a day, once a year, once a decade. Just try! Trust yourself, and trust that the situation will be ok no matter what happens. It’s as much about the journey and the fact that you tried as it is about whether or not you truly “won” the battle with your fear. You win because you decided to do something adventurous or crazy or plain defiant against whatever makes you sweat late at night. Scary, frightening, and fear can be seen as negative words, but not for us. Let’s turn them on their heads and draw something positive from them. Let’s do something that scares us and add a little spice to this life we’re trying to lead.


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What’s something you’re afraid of? Go out an conquer that fear this month! Take a deep breath, try something new, and let go of your fear! Share your discoveries and inspire others!


About Danielle

DANIELLE_MEEKER_writer_bio.jpgDanielle has a BA in English, emphasis in Creative Writing. She is a marine mammal trainer on Oahu, working with dolphins, sea lions and penguins. She loves singing, photography, iced coffee, and everything water related. Check out her YouTube channel DanielleMeekerTalks and Instagram @dmeekertalks.




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  • commented 2016-04-02 21:18:32 -0700
    I love that you adapted a motto for both vacation and daily life! No matter the phrase, doing new things that inspire and challenge you is an excellent way to make the most of all your travels! :)
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