Feel More Moments

By: Julianna Claase, Guest Contributor

When brushing my teeth last night I looked at myself in the mirror and physically felt the day in and day out catch up to me. I looked at myself in the mirror and felt the schedule and countdown whirling around me and there I was, standing in the middle of it--balancing, one foot, on the tight rope between Monday and Tuesday. 

I've been setting my intentions to be more present, but somehow even when taking time to acknowledge each day's blessings, ups and downs, the days still fly past me. Is it my fault? Have I not done enough? How do I slow them down and feel my days more, feel my moments more?

While my classmates are posting countdowns to graduation and I hear a constant humming of future questions, it's become incredibly difficult to put both feet down on the ground and feel like I won't fall over. 

The truth is, there's no way of slowing down time, and I'm thinking that maybe, it's not possible to make the minutes count. No, I don't mean all the minutes. But there's got to be minutes of running to class, waiting in lines at coffee shops, and minutes of paperwork to get you from A to B (especially the financial paperwork with names that sound like Star Wars robots). We can't pretend that the day in and day out to-dos will go away. The majority of the minutes are the grit. And when we take a breath in the late afternoon or sit on the train on our commute home, that's what we feel it, we feel the grit. 


But in the moments we get to take a breath, somehow my gratitude for those moments helps me acknowledge the gritty minutes and reminds me that in stringing these moments together, and setting the intention to have more, they will make the grit worth it. 

And so I'm thinking now, how can I set more moments to make the gritty parts of my day worth it? Where can I insert a minute or two to bring my mind back to sit with itself? 

What are the gritty parts of your day? How do you create moments to get both feet back on the ground? 

Let's Chat! What do you do to invite presentness, slowness, BE-ness in your life? Tell us about it here!

About Julianna

julianna.jpgJulianna is a New York-born twenty-one year old and soon-to-be graduate with her BFA in Graphic Design. Proponent of indie music, moments of vulnerability, nature and brunch - among other things. Follow her story/occasional selfies on instagram at astoldby_julianna





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