Fashion + Philanthropy = A Perfect Fit

My cofounder and best friend, Emily Greener, recently interrupted my Zen workflow with an excited shriek proclaiming, � I AM THAT GIRL is going to do a pop-up shop and get influential people to donate clothes, shoes, purses, etc. in order to raise money for our nonprofit.� I literally had no clue what she was talking about. First off, I�m not the most fashionable person you�ve ever met so �pop-up shop� was not even in my trendy vernacular. I also had no clue how influential people�s belongings would magically find their way into my arms, exactly how I would communicate our high-end �garage sale� (two words that make total sense to me) concept, but alas my capable business partner assured me that she had it all taken care of.

So this past Saturday, practically overnight, we held this beautiful event at The Altered Space Gallery on the much coveted Abbot Kinney Boulevard in Venice, CA. In addition to our prime real estate, Pressed Juicery (only my favorite juice place in all of LA) donated their delectable delights in liquid form. If that wasn�t enough, JewelMint (who we previously partnered with along with Kate Bosworth and Cher Coulter) joined our efforts and donated clothes along with jewelry as did the lovely Miss Elizabeth Kott of Closet Rich � the online slice of heaven selling high-end consignment clothing. The absolute icing on the cake was that celebrities around town found out there was an opportunity to clean out their closets and donate unused closet gems for a good cause. Suddenly before my very eyes, a full on pop-up-shop (yeah, it�s literal) formed and clothes, shoes, bags, purses, glasses and anything else you�ve seen sported on a runway were being sold in the name of I AM THAT GIRL.

It was incredible to witness the marriage of fashion, celebrity, contribution and cause. It was funky, kind, cool, compassionate, trendy and heartwarming to see everyone who came out because there was intention behind every purchase, thoughtfulness in browsing and encouraging conversations about the why behind the shopping; in this case, to help fund a nonprofit working to inspire girls to think for themselves, speak their truth and discover their purpose. All while unapologetically looking good in the process.

The point is that I AM THAT GIRL had our first pop-up shop experience, and it was awesome. Not to mention, we convinced a badass DJ, Becka Diamond, to music our party (I made up that term, “music our party,” but I kind of like it). So really, we had a shopping party to benefit girls and if you missed this one, you better not miss the next because we’re on to something here. Plus I feel pretty fancy now knowing what a pop-up shop is in the first place. If we can make healthy media, we sure as hell can make generous shopping. My thanks goes out to all the phenomenal women who made this experience possible and we're looking forward to our next journey into the fashion world.Second image courtesy of

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