Falling Off the Wagon

Here's the deal; falling off the wagon hurts. It usually takes a brutal bump to knock you off in the first place, and then you're left on the ground banged up and bruised as your trolley car zooms off indifferent to whether you're aboard or not. So why are we so surprised at how difficult it is to jump back on? Because then as insult is added to injury we have to bust our butt to catch up with a train that's miles ahead without any indication of stopping anytime soon when all we want to do is sulk and be disappointed that we fell off in the first place.

So what train did you fall off? Was it the "workout" train, the "wake up" early bus, the "make more time for family and friends" taxi, the "diet" metro or the "spend less" light rail? I'll tell you what, I fell off my own wagon awhile back and I have been feeling far too sorry for myself, too bitter and disappointed to get back up and chase after my first class ticket on the workout wagon.

The fact of the matter was that I had not worked out in days. Alright, weeks. And trust me, I had so many excuses: I had been traveling, working insane hours, my back was bothering me, I didn't have a spare second, I wasn't feeling well and had too many unexpected things come up. Blah, blah, blah.

All I know is that it felt like my train was thousands of miles away. I couldn’t hear it, couldn’t see it and couldn’t even smell the smoke anymore. I felt completely out of shape and kind of had that feeling of, “Where do I even begin?” So I decided to stop feeling sorry for myself and stop making excuses. I enlisted the help of a personal trainer and begun working my way back onto the wagon.

So, this is for all of you out there who need a bit of encouragement. I’m not sure about you, but I could always use some. Short and sweet, we fall off often, this won’t be the first time and it’s certainly not the last, but make it a point to get back on whatever mode of transportation you’re chasing. They say the first step is always the hardest because it feels more like a jump across a 40-foot chasm, but go for it. It really is the only way to get to the other side of where you want to be.Images Courtesy of Nutritionsuccess.org, Myfinepix.co.uk

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