Fall In Love With You, Too


The absolute last thing I could have ever imagined when moving home to be with my family as my dad battles cancer was falling in love. In fact, it�s obnoxiously cliché the accuracy of the statement, �You fall in love when you�re least expecting it.� For the record, I�ve never understood that statement because honestly, who isn�t looking for love?

Needless to say, I moved home and ran into an old friend from middle school. Now I could gush over every little detail about a man I’m officially head over heels for, but I’d rather spare you the sentiment in lieu of my recent epiphany. It really is easy when you meet a dreamy person to want to pause your life and just sit there, staring at each other all day. What I’ve realized is that it's important to keep a sense of individuality in the midst of rainbows and puppy love.

I hear it all the time when couples talk about missing the things both originally fell in love with because the person changed so much after becoming a �we." And the only reason I�m bringing this up is because it�s so easy to fall in love and mush lives together, while forgetting to take time to work on yourself. My boyfriend just left the country and the day after he left, it felt like there was a hole in my heart. I�d spent every waking minute with him for two and a half months and then just like that, a steel-bellied bird stole my best friend. So I did what any girl would do; I cried my eyes out because I already missed him and knew that six weeks apart wasn�t going to be as delightful as it is when he�s by my side.

That being said, when the tears stopped I sat in wonderful silence. The kind of silence that you only get when you're completely alone and it was in that moment I realized I would be OK because distance would really only make my little heart grow fonder. You see it’s all too easy to allow another person to be your source of joy, happiness, contentment, and validation. But at the end of the day, it’s your job to love and take care of yourself, not someone else’s. That way you can come together as two complete people, capable of so much more.

So whether you're in a relationship, dating, married or single, I do hope there's someone special out there worthy of holding your heart. But I also want you to be aware that you are cherished and it’s your job to remind yourself of that every day. If you're blessed enough to meet your soul mate, may you take the time to fall in love with yourself and nourish a relationship that creates an unshakable confidence along with self-worth outside of that person. Nobody wants to be responsible for your happiness, since that job can only really be filled by you.

May we all have the courage to love someone with our entire heart, but may we also take the time to love ourselves. And may you find love, each and every single one of you, because my goodness nothing can touch it! Hats off to having the courage to fall in love, for those of you getting back up on the horse, and those of you just now throwing your hats in the ring. Though I hate to say it, love will find you when you are least expecting it.

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