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By Regular Contributor, Olivia Crescenzi

It took me a little longer than I’m willing to admit to choose the topic for my first IATG post. Sure, I’ve written countless essays, blogs, and rants before, but this decision seemed more important to me than most. But, why? I’ve been in awe of this organization for years, and just the thought of having the opportunity to incorporate my thoughts and opinions makes my heart sing.

As mentioned above, I seriously struggled trying to find the right topic. I ran through way too many ideas. I went back and forth, willing my muse to finally decide. Then it hit me… Why think so hard when I can just write? Just let my mind and myself be. Express my “am.”

We all have one, or many; deep thoughts, passions, endless phrases, and words running through our minds and souls that reveal who we truly are. But the sad part is, is that most of us aren’t willing to share our “am” with anyone else. However, as you read through this first post of mine, I really want you to delve deep inside yourself, let go of any wall or barrier that may be fighting to hold you back, and find that part of you that so desperately needs to come out. I want to see it. We all want to meet your “am.”


All too often we conceal ourselves, shield our true beings from everyone else. Maybe we were taught this at a young age. Maybe it’s just a trait we’ve acquired as a result of tragic or hardening experiences. Whatever it is, one thing’s for sure. We weren’t born hidden. None of use popped into this world with a sign on our tiny little foreheads saying, “I will never reveal my true self.” In fact, the first thing we do when we enter this beautiful, yet sometimes seemingly unforgiving world, is cry. Crying is actually our first signal of life. Crazy, huh? How our initial instinct is quickly taught to be out last.

Well, I’m here to tell you that it’s okay. Everything about you is okay, and you should never have to hide behind the constructed, calculated façade we all learn to put up. I can’t force you to do anything, but I really want you to start taking a minute out of your day to ask yourself who you truly are. I know it helped me. What are your passions? What makes your blood boil? What pulls at your heartstrings? What do you want from this life? Make that reality. You have the power to be everything you believe you are.

So the next time you feel like saying something or crying or screaming or whatever it is, do it. I dare you.

Don’t believe you’re anything? We may have never met, but I can assure you that your sheer existence on this earth means that you matter. You are something. Why? You just are. To steal a few wise words from the only and only Sophia Bush, “throw yourself head first, truly, madly and deliciously into the things you believe in, and I promise you’ll be perfectly fine.”

Let's chat! How do you express your "am"? How do you show the world your beautyFULL self? Tell us about it here!

About Olivia

olivia.jpgOlivia is a twenty-year-old Microbiology & Immunology student at McGill University in Montreal, Canada. On the (more often than not) moments that she's caught procrastinating her studying, she is just your regular teenager (yes, still) that values friends, family and dramatic reality TV more than anyone. She is a collaborator, an empathizer, and pretty middle ground between an idealist and a realist. Most importantly and above all, however, she's obsessed with our culture as young girls and women, and she wants nothing more than to delve deep into this important discussion with you.


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