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By Rachel Benbrook Mason, Regular ContributorSeptember 18, 2015

I recently watched a video from British company, SPA Sanctuary. The clip interviews a group of elderly British ladies who discuss the ways in which they think the world has changed since they were younger.

Although the ultimate point of this moving video is to highlight the company’s products, the candid interviews of the women highlight so many differences between the time they grew up and our modern media driven culture.

As many of the women stated, our generation is constantly exposed to some type of technological device.

Although modern technology has given us many privileges, it can also give many women heightened levels of insecurity.

As a sweet grey haired lady in the video stated, “I would like to believe that life today would be a life of pleasure, however instead, I think it would be a life of pressure.” I found myself agreeing whole-heartedly with her statement. When we are constantly exposed to people’s photos and life updates on Facebook, we often begin to feel the need to compare ourselves to others seemingly more glamorous and exciting lives.

These ladies grew up in a simpler time, where not every aspect of their lives and the lives of others were broadcast for everyone else to see.

This pressure to be a perfect friend, wife, mother, etc, can lead to decreased levels of happiness with our own lives.

At the end of the video, the ladies express what’s most important in life. In their own words it’s the act of “being”. Being able to let go and enjoy what is around you, instead of being attached to our phones. Being happy in the moment instead of comparing ourselves to others at every available opportunity, and being free from the guilt of not meeting our expectations for ourselves that are based on others.

I agree with the videos touching end scene. Let’s stop trying to do so much and enjoy being.. Being together, being happy, simply being alive.

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