Ending the Battle of the Sexes

By Tiarnan Hatchell, IATG ContributorJune 13, 2016


Man vs. Woman. Beauty vs. Braun.
The so-called “Battle of the Sexes” is kind of counter-intuitive, don’t you think?

When I was a child, around six or seven years old, I constantly heard people arguing that boys were better than girls or that girls were better than boys. This kind of childhood nonsense is exactly that: childish and nonsense.

Does it really matter if one sex is better than the other?

In my opinion, there is no “better sex”. They both have their pros and their cons, things that they are just better at than the other. Obviously, there are exceptions to this on both sides of the gender spectrum, but for example, men are more likely to be better when it comes to physical labour, given that they have a bigger build and likely more strength. On the other hand, however, women have been proven to be better when it comes to school and academic testing, because they are less prone to procrastination.

So again I ask, isn’t the whole “Battle of the Sexes” a bit outdated and archaic? Why do we feel the need to compare ourselves with our counterparts of the opposite gender?

Instead of arguing which sex is better, we should work together and use the pros of the male sex to overcome some of the cons of the female sex, and vice versa. We should promote equality between the sexes, not war. We should use our strengths and weaknesses to create a more equal society between men, women, and all of the genders in between.

We should abandon the idea of a “Battle” between the sexes and instead opt for a “Co-operation of the Sexes”. 

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About Tiarnan:

I'm an 18 year old guy from Ireland. I am a fan of films and I love going to the cinema anytime I can, or else watching my favourite movies at home. I also love to write my own film scripts, poetry and short stories. I also love music and I am constantly listening to my favourite albums on vinyl, going to gigs or releasing my own music

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