Enchanted to Meet You

The title of this blog just happens to be a line from a Taylor Swift song, which I admit I had on repeat the other night in the car for an embarrassing amount of time, but the reality is I love the concept. Having recently moved home to Austin, I can’t look in a single direction without “marriage” slapping me in the face. It’s a stark contrast to where I’ve spent the last decade of my life, so I’m not used to words like “husband,” “children,” “baby sitters” or “lifetime commitment.” I’ve had a lot of time this past month and a half to assess my own relationship or the current lack of one.

All that being said, and this one goes out to my single girls, I am happy. Maybe I�m supposed to be caught up in the panic I see envelop so many others, but I�m not and honestly, a little worried that I�m missing out on a third life crisis I could be justifying right now. I have a really strong constitution when it comes to relationships and the caliber of what I expect. My parents divorced when I was young, so I certainly didn�t come from a cookie cutter mold of relationship perfection, but I�ve gathered my inspiration from others and am holding out for awesome. It may sound trite, but I mean it. I want an out-of-this-world, kick ass dude who�s down for the adventure of our lives and willing to co-write every page with me.

I was told once that to see the true content of a person�s character, to a get an intimate look at their confidence, their passion for life and catch a glimpse into their future, all you really need to do is have a conversation with their significant other. Who you choose to go through life with has a direct correlation to the limitless or limited possibility of dreaming. So if that�s the case, you better damn well believe I�m holding out for a 21st Century Hercules with Obama�s eloquence, the innovation of Steve Jobs, the provocative paradigm of Martin Luther King, Jr., my father�s faith and humility along with the philanthropic heart of Paul Newman (though a dash of Brad Pitt's looks wouldn�t bother me). I�m not some ignorant Pollyanna, though, looking for perfection in white knight form. I think we (men included) should absolutely hold out for unfathomably awesome.

My gratitude goes out to the Lynns of the world, and Carrie, Susie, Frannie, Sarah, Chris, Seth and a few others who are not only phenomenal people, but held out to marry an equally magnificent human being. That’s what I want, but in the meantime, I am loving this chapter of my life because I believe love is worth the wait. We should stop looking for the one, and just be her, every day.

And to my future person, out there somewhere being awesome; keep kicking ass babe. I’m so proud of you, and can’t wait to cheer you on in this lifetime by helping make every single one of your dreams come true because I just know you’ll be doing the exact same for me. But until our paths cross, I’ll keep doing me and you keep rocking you.Images courtesy of Carlyadventures4.blogspot.com, Creativekidsplay.com

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