Embrace Your Power

By Victoria Santoro, Guest Blogger

As a young person, especially as a woman, it can be easy to not believe in your own abilities and talents. Frequently, it takes the opinion of a trusted mentor, parent, adviser, or friend for you to recognize the way other people see you. There is a follow up to this realization, however. That follow-up is ownership.

With ownership of your own abilities also comes ownership over your own power. Women wait far too long to take this ownership and there is no reason for delay. No one is going to bestow your own power upon you. It’s yours for the taking, so go out and grab it. 

What do I mean by ownership of your power?

Recognizing what you do is one thing, but believing it in the deepest parts of your soul is quite another. It takes patience, understanding, and honesty to look deeply and see what it is you have to offer the world. Then act on it. It is action that defines power.


We all have the capability to tap into an immense amount of power. We must act on our abilities and refuse to let anyone stop us from what we would like to achieve. It can be difficult. Absolutely. You may still second guess yourself. But power is derived from the consistent pursuit of goals based on an inherent knowledge of your strengths and abilities.

So get out there and grasp your power. Set your sights on some major goals and take (lots of) small steps to achieve them. Look doubters in the face and decide that they won’t take you off track. Take concerted, consistent action towards the things you want out of life, and know that you can achieve them, so long as you don’t stop.

This is ownership of your power. Understanding your capabilities, moving forward with them front and center, and not letting anyone get in your way.

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About Victoria

VICTORIA_SANTORO.jpgVictoria Santoro is a trial attorney who practices law in Boston. She is also a teacher, speaker, and writer, maintaining her personal blog The Limber Lawyer, and contributing to various legal publications. Victoria is passionate about helping young girls and women not only succeed but also find contentment and purpose. In her free time, she can often be found training or competing for half-marathons and triathlons.




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