Embrace Your Intuition

Some people believe that intuition is something you’re either born with or don't have at all. The fact is everyone has intuition, but not all of us are in touch with what our intuition has to tell us.

Intuition can be defined as �instinctive and unconscious knowing without deduction or reasoning.� It is often referred to as an �inner voice� or �gut feeling.� Intuition is a way for our mind and body to connect to a part of ourselves that can help us make important decisions about life.

How to Get in Touch with Your Intuition

Wouldn�t it be nice if our intuitions were as clear as a bolt of lightning from the sky or a loud voice from beyond? Unfortunately, they rarely take such dramatic form. Instead, we have to learn to listen for them.

Marcia Emery, Ph.D., was a recent guest on my radio show and described using all five senses to connect with our intuition:

    • Sight âÂ�Â� âÂ�Â�I see what you are saying.âÂ�Â�


    • Sound âÂ�Â� âÂ�Â�A little voice told me not to forget my keys.âÂ�Â�


    • Touch âÂ�Â� âÂ�Â�I had a hunch/gut feeling/instinctâÂ�Â� or âÂ�Â�That makes my skin crawlâÂ�Â� or âÂ�Â�I feel uneasy about this.âÂ�Â�


    • Taste âÂ�Â� âÂ�Â�That leaves a bad taste in my mouth.âÂ�Â�


    • Smell âÂ�Â� âÂ�Â�Something stinks about this situation.âÂ�Â�


When you find yourself making comments like these or speaking in these types of metaphorical terms, pay attention because that’s your intuition trying to tell you something. According to Dr. Emery, our intuition also communicates with us through dreams. For this reason, dream specialists often recommend keeping a notebook by your bed and writing down clear, vivid dreams to gain insights into your deepest beliefs and desires.

Intuition speaks loudest when our minds are still. It helps to engage in specific practices that enable you to tap into your intuition, such as journaling, prayer, meditation, even dancing around the room or anything that quiets the mind. When engaged in these practices, be sure to pay attention to your emotions and body sensations, which will point you in the right direction.

Listen, Then Act

Tuning into your intuition is like exercising any other muscle, explains Amir Zoghi, a human potential and self-awareness expert. The more you listen for it, the more you’ll hear it. And the more you follow it, the clearer the voice will become. Start with the simple things, like your intuition reminding you to pick up milk from the store, and the more important things will become clearer as well.

Unfortunately, what happens for many people is that they pick up on body sensations and cues (having butterflies in their stomach or the hairs on the back of their neck stand up when they meet someone) and then immediately start explaining away those feelings. “I must’ve been imagining things” or “Maybe I misread him” are common statements people make when second-guessing their intuition, particularly when deciding who they will date. Sadly, the result of ignoring these early signs can be ending up in an unhealthy or even abusive relationship.

Intuition is a gift we have all been given. Next time you have a big decision to make, let your intuition be your guide and you’ll make choices that more closely align with who you are and what you want out of life.

Images courtesy of 78notes.blogspot.com, Maisyaagatha.comDr. Carolyn Ross is an internationally known physician, author and speaker on addictions, obesity and eating disorders. She serves as a consultant to The Ranch's eating disorder treatment program in Tennessee, maintains a private practice in Denver, is the author of The Binge Eating and Compulsive Overeating Workbook: An Integrated Approach to Overcoming Disordered Eating as well as The Joy of Eating Well and also hosts a weekly radio show, The Vital Life.

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