Ellen Responds to "Gay Agenda" Accusations with Humor and Love

By: Angela McNally, Regular Contributor

I love Ellen. Her show is one of my top 5 go-to feel-good outlets. If I happen to be home when it’s on, I can’t help but tune in. To me she represents everything right with the human race today such as equality, love, humor, giving back, and finding joy in simple moments.

Wednesday afternoon while working from home, I was passively watching The Ellen Show when her words caught my attention in a big way. Ellen took time during her show opening monologue Wednesday to address comments about her in the Christian Post in a column entitled “Are you Aware of the Avalanche of Gay Programming Assaulting Your Home?”, written by conservative pastor and author Larry Tomczak. The article speaks about Hollywood’s gay agenda and says The Ellen DeGeneres Show "celebrates her lesbianism and 'marriage' in between appearances of guests like Taylor Swift to attract young girls."


As a true activist for equality and love Ellen responded brilliantly and started the piece by setting the record straight.

“First of all, I’m not ‘married’. I’m married.” You go, girl!

She finished the monologue on a beautiful note that, to me, demonstrates what she truly stands for and the beauty she spreads to this word.

"Larry, the only way I’m trying to influence people is to be more kind and compassionate with one another," she said. "That is the message that I’m sending out. I don't have an agenda. I'm not here to brainwash anyone. But…"

And, with that in true Ellen style a stagehand passed her a spinning vortex wheel and, holding it up to the camera, she added,

"Listen to the sound of my voice. Attention youth of the world: I want you to live your lives being exactly who you are. Be true to yourself. The most important thing is to be true to yourself."

I’m not sure about you, but I adore living in a time where major world influencers can speak up and out about love and equality for all. It makes me so happy to see the pour of outrage against these gay-shaming words today on multiple media outlets. Freedom of speech is something everyone has the right to, and, to me, I love that it can finally go both ways publicly because when love and equality prevail – we all win.

You can watch Ellen’s Monologue, here.

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