Eat The Frog

By: Natascha Jones, Guest Blogger

Doing the thing you don’t want to do, it has always been the bane in our existence, even in childhood. You can’t go outside and play until you’ve cleaned your room, finished your homework, chores, dinner, etc. Or what about those times when you’ve made a mistake and you don’t want to come clean to your parents, ugh that’s the worst. 

As we get older the challenges life throws at us become more difficult, they don’t get easier.  Maybe you have to tell a friend that they’ve offended you over and over and you can’t be friends with them anymore. Maybe a college roommate is a slob and she’s bringing home random sex partners on the reg. 

How did it become your job to tell everyone what they’re doing is not ok? What happened to just having fun? I find myself in this position quite a bit and I am often called the “not fun one” because of it. But I’ve found that I have two choices: I can “go with the flow” and let someone do something that makes me truly unhappy or I can speak my truth and honor how I feel. 

It is a skill to be able to do the thing you don’t want to do, do it well, and do it often. It’s called “eating the frog.”

Mark Twain said “eat a live frog first thing in the morning and nothing worse will happen to you the rest of the day.”  Basically, get the unfun stuff out of the way. 

I’ve had to do this on so many occasions. I’ve kicked three different roommates out of my house and somehow they all still like me. I think. I’ve told my mother it’s time to go to AA. I’ve testified against a couple who mugged me. None of these things were something I wanted to do.  But I did them because it removes that energy block of not living your truth or not loving yourself and allows you to live a life more connected to your spirit. To do the thing you don’t want to do in order to maintain your sanity, happiness, or your truth is one of the best gifts you can give yourself. 

I’ve watched people go through life, frustrated at other people or situations but they never speak up to that person. They just talk, talk, talk about the problem behind that person’s back. And you know who suffers? The frustrated one. Oftentimes the other person has no idea that what they’re doing is affecting someone else. 


I’ve found the biggest reasons for not “eating a frog” is that we don’t want to appear a certain way to others or we can’t handle conflict. It surprises me how many people would rather live miserable lives instead of just being honest, compassionate, and firm in what they need. Those are the rules I live by when it’s time to eat my frog and also give someone else their frog: be honest, be compassionate, and be firm in what you’re wanting. 

I believe the universe will give the exact life we want, but it won’t come easy. We have to really want it, and we have to show that we really want it. Life is work. There will never come a day when we’re all finished and it’s just smooth sailing. Whether we choose to face these battles or not, they’ll still be there. It’s up to us to decide how and what kind of happy we want to be. 

Let's Chat! When have you had to "eat the frog?" What did you learn? Or maybe now you're inspired to "eat the frog!" Tell us about it here!

About Natascha

Natascha_Jones_Head_Shot.jpgWhile she would have to inform you that her “day” job is in esthetics and makeup artistry, Natascha truly spends her days in sunny Venice Beach laughing with her friends, riding her bike, and telling grandiose stories encouraging others to laugh, cry or think.  She is passionate about her efforts to live life fully and push her comfort zone, which is why she spills her guts to you and she hopes you’ll still love her.


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