Dream. Inspire. Repeat.

By Sophie Winik, Regular ContributorAugust 17, 2015

Dreams are powerful. Dreams are fantasy mixed with reality. Dreams are stories. When you awake, you feel certain emotions.

Recently I had a dream about my grandfather who has passed away. It was a dream that was so powerful in meaning that when I woke up I felt both sadness and gratitude; a deep gratitude for having had such a wonderful grandpa for 11 ½ years of my life.


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The dream consisted of me sitting at his grave, leaning against the tombstone and talking to my grandpa out loud. I remember saying that I wanted to read him stories I’ve written; stories in which I tell him how he’s influenced me and contributed to me becoming the woman I am today. I sat down and began reading my stories for hours. I remember feeling a sense of calmness at the grave; not feeling sad but rather using it as a place to sit and have someone listen to the words I read.

When I woke up, I was saddened; saddened because I wanted so much for my grandpa to be alive to have heard my stories, to have heard my voice read my words, and to have given me a huge hug showing me how proud of me he is for my writing.

Since having this meaningful dream, I have visited my grandpa’s grave with my family. I stood staring at his tombstone, standing right above my grandpa, and I thought. I thought about my dream and my grandpa. I thought about the type of person he was, his words of wisdom, his warmth, and his kindness towards others. I just stared at the granite tombstone and thought deeply. The automatic emotion was to feel sadness, but the truth was, although I felt sadness, I was more thankful and at peace standing beside him. I was thankful that I had him in my life and that he still remains a big part of my life even though he isn’t physically here anymore. I felt I could breathe, knowing that he was present with me, and through the cool breeze touching my cheeks, I was convinced he was kissing them, remaining proud of me and continuing to love me.

I have grown up a lot since the last time my grandpa saw me. I was almost 12 years old when he passed away, and as I have grown and matured into the person I am today, I’m able to appreciate the value of kindness and compassion even more so. I treat everyone with kindness. I show compassion to people. I smile and say hello to people without waiting for them to say hello to me first, just as Grandpa had advised me in his last letter. For all of this, I have Grandpa to thank. Thank you, Grandpa, for showing me the meaning of kindness and compassion. I wish you were here to watch me follow in your footsteps of being a kind individual.

The next time you dream, don’t let your dream just be a dream.

Think about what it meant to you, how you felt, who might have inspired you. Then thank that person. Thank anyone who has influenced you becoming the person you are. Then, continue dreaming and living your life and being an inspiration for others, just as someone was for you.  

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