Don't You Know You're Beautiful?

By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular ContributorDecember 21, 2015


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Teenager, Shea Glover, conducted a social experiment at her school, where she filmed people and told them she wanted to capture the things that she found beautiful. She filmed a variety of people- freckled, scarred, purple-haired, raw people. And, the reactions on their faces were nothing short of beautiful. Some of their eyes welled up with tears, obviously in shock that they were being called beautiful.

Why is it so hard for us to be told that we’re beautiful?

Why is the first reaction that so many of us have is “they must be kidding… me?”

Today, I ask you to take a second. I ask you to look in the mirror, right after you wake up, and tell yourself that you’re beautiful. It doesn’t matter if you have a zit on your chin or your eyebrows need to be waxed. Look at yourself, sans makeup, sans hair product, and tell yourself that you’re beautiful.

Then, at some point during the day, tell someone that they’re beautiful, too. It is basically inevitable that whomever you tell will shy away, maybe blush a little bit, roll their eyes. But I can guarantee you that when you walk away, they’ll smile a little bit more.

Do your part to make this world a little more beautiful through the power of words and smiles. You’re already doing something by existing- you and your beautiful self.

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