Don't Break the Mold, MAKE the Mold!

By: S. Elle Cameron, Guest Blogger

“In all of creation, all things great and small, you are the one that surpasses them all.”-‘Nsync (God Must’ve Spent A Little More Time on You)

Why do you want to be molded? Maybe it’s because you don’t feel like you are the best that you can be. Maybe it’s because someone once told you that you are not good enough and never will be. There are countless reasons why we desire to be molded into something we’re often not. As women (young and old), we’ve been taught by society to mold ourselves into the perfect wife, a great cook, a pinup girl, but none of these things define us; none of these things explain our preconceived molding, the mold that has already been created for us.

At this point in your life you probably have a good idea on what you want from life. You may not know any specifics yet (and that’s okay!) but you have an idea and that idea is probably part of your molding. The way I see it (feel free to disagree), we have our unique desires and personalities because that’s who we were meant to be. Our desires are the things that we are meant to do. We may not be the best at what we want but we’re passionate and passion is the key to success. Don’t let anyone pressure you into anything differently.



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The good thing about being a woman (or a girl transitioning into womanhood) is that we don’t have it easy in a society that values “the man.” This simply means that we are molded to work harder and never give up. As a female, there are many more trials we have to face in order to prove ourselves as worthy. For starters, you never have to prove yourself as anything to anyone, but it is great to let them see that you are worth more than a centerfold in a magazine and you are more than good girlfriend material. In reality, you are a boss! You’re in charge of your own molding!

So many girls (including myself) always want to change something about them. You’re personality is too dull. You could shed a few pounds. You probably can gain some weight. You’re too shy. You’re too loud. Basically, you’re too…you!

It’s too late to change because you were molded the way you were meant to be when the universe was formed. Don’t ever let anyone take that away from you or make you feel less than you are. Smile and be happy because you are who you are and no one can ever be that but you. There’s a reason that statement is such a cliché: because it’s true!

So, I’m going to ask you this again: Why do you want to be molded? You mold yourself! You are extraordinary and the world won’t understand you because the world isn’t good enough. YOU ARE THAT GIRL! Embrace it, feel it, love it!

About S. Elle

Me_in_Arizona.jpgS. Elle Cameron is the 22-year-old author of the Young Adult novel, A Tragic Heart. Music and personal experiences inspire her to write on a daily basis. To learn more, visit her at or Twitter: @SElleCameron


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