Dodge RAM: Shifting Gears in Stereotypes

By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular Contributor

Coming from the South, pickup truck commercials are an every day thing. I usually like them, if only because they seem to take me back to my childhood. My dad drove an F-150 when I was growing up, and there are a lot of memories attached to that truck. I learned to drive in it, and I remember thinking that it was weird driving the truck instead of my mom's SUV. Really, that was just an idiotic stereotype- but it makes a lot of sense.

But why?

When do we see girls drive pickup trucks in movies? Not often.

When are girls usually the drivers in truck commercials? I'm not sure if I had even ever seen one until the latest Dodge RAM commercial.

Dodge chose to spotlight women's strength in their newest advertisement, where women are shown fighting for their goals and dreams. Instead of the typical plot line of a truck commercial- in which a man drives around in circles and then comes back home to a woman- this one didn't even mention a man. We saw a surfer, a ballerina, a runner, and a hiker reach lofty goals. For once, we actually saw the strength of women- as one finally reached en pointe, an excruciating process. We saw a run. We saw a climb up a mountain. We saw a surfer almost skate on the waves. After they finished their day of soul searching and general bad-assery, the girls drove home in a Dodge RAM.


More commercials need to be made like the newest Dodge one. I applaud a truck company for taking the time to highlight women’s strengths & encourage them. It was a powerful commercial, and one that should be more in abundance. The commercial was a step in the right direction for a male-dominated pick up truck culture. It is always important to remember that women are strong, independent, and fierce. Dodge showed us that they know this, and that they are proud of us.

Let's Chat! What did you think of RAM's new commercial? What other advertisements have you seen that help break gender stereotypes! Tell us about them here!

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