Do You Have Destination Addiction?

By: Kelsey Smith, IATG Contributor February 12, 2016


When you have something to look forward to, whether it be two days, one week, or three months from now, it’s so hard not to wish away the present. We all focus so much on what’s ahead of us, that one thing that will bring us more joy and fill us up in a way that the present day never could.

I’m getting married in 103 days from now. To say that this time of waiting is frustrating is an immense understatement. Currently, my fiancé and I are in the process of job hunting and apartment searching. We live apart, and we are SO ready to be with each other every day. I’ve really been struggling with day to day life.

I try so hard to see the good in the present, but I always end up with a negative attitude, just wishing time would speed by.

This is a terrible way to live- it usually just ends up with me in knots about how slow time is passing and tears from the endless waiting.

I came across a quote today that just made things click for me. It said, “Beware of destination addiction: The idea that happiness is the next place, the next job, or even the next partner. Until you give up the idea that happiness is somewhere else, it will never be where you are.” Boom! It hit me in the chest like a ton of bricks!

I say we stop becoming destination addicts. I want to cherish this time. We’re not guaranteed another day, but we constantly take out current moments for granted. Yes, of course it’s hard if you’re missing a loved one  or you’re waiting on an exciting event like a wedding, but is it worth it to spend the time waiting in complete misery?

Take a step back today and look around you. Stay focused on the present. What’s beautiful about it? What’s beautiful about you today? Maybe you stuck with a fitness or nutrition goal. Celebrate that! Don’t get down because you haven’t reached your final step yet. Celebrate the small leading up to the big. If we can do that, life becomes more of an everyday celebration, and who wouldn’t want to live like that?

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What are some ways you try and be present or mindful on the daily? Tweet or share your tips to inspire others. Why is it so important to ground yourself in the here and now?


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KELSEY_SMITH_writer_bio.jpgKelsey is an aspiring interior designer by night, and customer service provider by day. She is happily engaged and loves days spent with her fiancé, and loveable pup outdoors or snuggled up for never-ending Netflix. She has a bachelors in Business and Spanish from a tiny little school in Indiana, but her true love is design. She's working on her second bachelor’s degree in Interior Design now! She feels a calling to inspire people with her words and stories. She also has her own blog on wordpress, check it,


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