Do It Anyway

I wasn’t always THAT GIRL. My identity and self-worth were wrapped up in the poor decisions of my past and a diagnosis for much of my life. Don’t get me wrong; I looked really good on paper. I have crazy amounts of formal education, a coaching certification, awards, and titles.

The truth is that I don't consider any of my awards, degrees, and titles my biggest accomplishment, though. Those were easy. My biggest accomplishment is my relationship to the medical diagnosis that I received 10 years ago of bipolar disorder, also known as manic depression. I used to call it "hell on earth."

My parents and the doctor thought it was best to put me on lots of medication. I'm talking total sedation and apathy. This went on for about eight years until I had a "moment." I can't really explain my "moment," but I decided I was going to live my life medication-free and heal the natural way. I often find that people wait to be ready to make a change, to go out and live their dreams. There is no such thing as being ready, so whatever dream you are holding back, just go do it, regardless of your fears, reasons, logic or doubts.

My "moment" put me on the path of self-acceptance and forgiveness. I'm a teacher and a lifelong student. I know what I know and I'm very humble about the lessons that have yet to be learned. I have been able to manage those limiting beliefs and have a successful business, a deeper connection with myself and others, and live my life authentically. In spite of the doubt, self-judgment, and fear, I do it anyway. So, let me break it all down for you.

Whatever wish, dream or hope you’re holding onto, all of it requires you to do something about it. Stop just mulling it over, considering the options, and talking about it with your best friend. You’re just creating motion without actually moving forward. It’s time to take action and everything doesn’t have to be perfect to start progressing toward your goal.

My hunch is that you’re waiting to be unleashed, to step into your power, and serve humanity. When overcome by fear I ask myself two questions, “What’s the worst thing that will happen if I do it anyway?” and “How many people will be positively affected by my choice to do it anyway?” The second question is what ultimately drives me. When you take “you” out of the equation and simply focus on others, allowing fear to stop you doesn’t make much sense.

Take action in line with your vision in spite of your circumstances. We all have something that makes us feel just a tad bit different or out of place. I used my diagnosis to convince myself that I could never have the life I wanted, be successful or make a difference in the world. There came a point when something shifted in me, though. I no longer looked at having bipolar disorder as an obstacle. You may not have a chronic condition, but I'm guessing you have something you’re holding onto that you use to let yourself off the hook from being great, from playing a big game, and from realizing your full potential.

I’m consciously working on achieving my goals and striving to live with purpose despite my bipolar disorder diagnosis and fears. I’m doing it anyway. What will you do?

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