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By Danielle Meeker, Regular ContributorOctober 31, 2015


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Yet again, we have a case of a public figure shocked that a magazine photoshopped them without their knowledge. This time it was Zendaya, the 19-year-old singer and actress, whose photo shoot for Modeliste magazine was retouched using the ever popular Photoshop software. Zendaya posted on her Instagram a side by side before and after photo where her thighs and hips were altered. Though at first glance you may not see it, after a moment, it’s clear that those parts of her body have been slimmed. I mean, seriously? She’s 19. What 19-year-old needs to have her hips reduced?

She’s not the first one this has happened to. It’s been going on for years. Jennifer Lawrence’s Flare cover back in 2013 was photoshopped to make her face, waist, and hips smaller. Jessica Alba had her Marie Claire cover retouched, Megan Fox’s tattoos were digitally removed, and Drew Barrymore looked a lot skinnier than normal when she graced the cover of InStyle magazine in 2012.

The question is: Why?

Why must we continue to need and rely on Photoshop to make “beautiful” photos? It’s so unnecessary, especially when a lot of these public figures, like Zendaya and Lawrence, are the poster children for the skinny, waif-like or petite body type. If I did a photoshoot in this day and age, I’d probably get retouched…and I’d react the same way Zendaya did. I spent years looking at magazines, wishing I had the bodies the girls on the covers did, only to never achieve it. Well, now I know it’s not achievable. Even the people on the cover don’t actually look like that in real life! As a result, I have become much more comfortable in my own skin.

My body is mine. It’s different from my best friend, my worst enemy, or the celebrities I look up to.

It’s comprised of bicep muscles to help me lift things during my job, a larger, muscular “tree trunk” to hold my 5’8” frame, average size boobs, and a stomach that fluctuates in size based on how much ice cream I enjoy that month. And I’m cool with it! As my friend Lesley so very well states, “I’m so sexy it overflows.”

All in all, try not to let the media push their ideal of what a woman should look like on you. You are your own person, and nobody is going to drag you down or make you feel like you are not perfect just the way you are! You are. You are perfect no matter what you look like.

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