Dinner With Iconic Women

By: Ruby Solomon, Guest Blogger

If I could invite four people to dinner I would invite Julia Child, Harper Lee, Oprah Winfrey, and Nora Ephron. Their talents range from directing movies to cooking delicious meals, even writing the one of the most well known novels of our time. These women are some of the most influential people in history.

At dinner, we would sit around a table and discuss their life’s work, problems, and their journey to becoming some of the most well known women in the world.

Harper Lee would share the hard times of writing her most well known novel and take us through the process of writing. She would also explain the competitiveness she endured in her field because of her gender. She would talk about her strengths and weaknesses of being a novelist, give all of us tips on how to be a success in the writing world, and would, of course, be endlessly fascinating.


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Julia Child would talk on and on in her lovely accent and share her favorite recipes. She would talk about the quest for the perfect man, and the hardships she had to face as woman in an all men’s cooking class. She would share her story for all the powerful women sitting at the table.

Oprah Winfrey would discuss how her childhood misfortune turned her into the richest woman in America. She would discuss how she came into her money and how she discovered her true self. Oprah would talk about what it meant to get a second chance after moving in with her father. She would describe her ups and downs, but mainly her ups.

Nora Ephron would be the last to speak. This because she would be reserved and then once we break the ice, she would reveal that she was a loud and hilarious woman. She would talk about her experience with How Harry Met Sally and her times in Hollywood as a female director.

These women are some of the people who helped shape our society and culture, and without them we would be in a completely different world.

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