Dig Deep, Break Through Barriers

By: Lisa Quaraglia, Guest Blogger

We all have them. Walls. Barriers. Insecurities. Spots in our subconscious that we’d like to cover up, keep safe, and not let anyone, even ourselves, disturb them. They are too fragile, too close to our ego, and too vulnerable to damage. We do not work on these areas; instead, we cover them, push them deep down, and ignore them, just so we can be blissfully unaware of their existence. Everyone does it, and we succeed for an infinite amount of time. Until one day. One day, the cover is blown off. The walls around it are cracked and broken, and everyone can see it. The awful truth we have been trying so hard to hide. We are vulnerable, scared, and hesitant of the treatment we are going to have to endure.

We all know this is in our minds. No one can know something about ourselves unless we reveal it. When our walls or barriers are being threatened, they are being threatened by our own minds. When you are trying to hide a certain truth about yourself, you forget where you put it; you hide it so well that you don’t realize you start to pile new, less pressing topics on top of it. Eventually, you will need to go through all of your issues – starting with the newer ones that are easier to fix. As you move your way through those with gusto, you accidently dig up the box with the hidden truth. You’ve gone too far; you can’t cover it up again. You realize that box was the foundation for all the other issues. If you had JUST taken the time to work through that first box, perhaps those other issues wouldn’t be a problem. So now, you’re stuck. You have this box of uncomfortable material that needs to be sorted through. You can look for other chores to accomplish, but you will always come back to this box. You have no choice but to work through it.


Working through your issues is the scariest thing a person can do. Just getting to that point in your life where you realize you are shackled is agonizing. It is similar to going through certain stages of grief – we can deny it, ignore it, accept it, be upset about it, grieve over it, and then finally learn how to integrate it into our lives and make it work for us. The sooner you can pinpoint what is the root problem, the sooner you can figure out how to fix it. The beautiful lesson in this is that our issues or barriers were made by ourselves in order for self-preservation. The great thing about realizing that truth, is that we have the ability to choose a different path for ourselves, merely by our attitude and outlook. We can choose to be happy or sad.

It’s your turn to choose.

About Lisa

lisa_q.jpgLisa Quaraglia is equal parts nurse, writer, cook, and philosopher. She spends a lot of time thinking and talking about life, and love while mixing in sarcastic “Sex and the City” comments into everyday conversation. Her love of writing and curiosity of the world has brought her to IATG. She loves nighttime sky, wine, fancy restaurants and sparkly jewelry.



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