Different? DEFINITELY!

By: S. Elle Cameron, Guest Blogger

“My heart is like a stallion, they love it more when it’s broke in.”-Fall Out Boy (Alone Together)

Conformity is evil. It’s the one thing that caused our society to become racist, homophobic, and sexist. We were made to believe that we must live our lives the way “someone” tells us to instead of creating a journey of our own. We’re taught how to dress, how to think, and what’s “wrong” and/or “right.” I had a teacher in high school who taught me the most valuable lesson I’ve ever learned: never conform! Be who you are, speak what you believe, and never tear others down.

I am a strong believer in individualism. I think that everyone should have the right to express themselves as long as it’s in a healthy manner. We are all different people so it’s only natural to feel inclined to live different lives. Who are we to judge someone else and tell them how they should be living? If it works for them then why should we intervene?

We’re taught to look down on someone with too many tattoos and to question the person who enjoys multicolor hair because no one should take them seriously. Some of the most serious and hardworking people have tattoos and colored hair. Of course, this is just an example to where I’m heading.


Society encourages everyone to be the same. We’re taught society works better as a whole when everyone is marching to the same beat. What seems like it’s been working for so long may really just be a lie. So many people (especially women) are held back because of the stereotypes and beliefs society has bashed into our brains.

Do you know why we’re taught to conform and never stray too far outside of the boundary lines? It’s because individualism is a threat to society. It dares to be different. It dares to take chances and create a new way of thinking. Here’s my challenge to all of you: dare to be different! Never conform unless it’s what you honestly want. Be who you wanted to be when you were five years old because the truth is you can even if they told you that you couldn’t.

Wild hearts are wild thinkers; and wild thinkers are just what we need in this day and age. We need people who take on a new approach to topics like feminism and liberation. Don’t let society break you in and whip you into shape. Don’t inject yourself with the same infection that has been going around for years. It’s time to make a change which means it’s time to stop conforming. It’s not about being loved it’s about doing what you love. Be yourself. BE THAT GIRL. Make a difference!

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Think about all the great things that make you unique. Are you sharing them with the world? Are you expressing your own, superfab-completely-original-you every day? When you shine your own kind of bright you encourage others to do the same!

About S. Elle

New_Photo_elle.jpgS. Elle Cameron is the 22 year old author of the Young Adult novel, A Tragic Heart. Music and personal experiences inspire her to write on a daily basis. To learn more, visit her at www.sellecameron.com or www.sellecameron.blogspot.com Twitter: @SElleCameron; Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/AuthorS.ElleCameron?fref=nf



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