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By Teresa Sabatine, Guest Blogger July 28, 2015

I have been what some would call an “avid mover” since I was 21. My goals are very career oriented and I chose a tough industry so I have had to do whatever it takes to survive. In the beginning that meant taking work as it came, a stint in New York City, Chicago, Los Angeles, and Seattle then back to New York then to Portland, Los Angeles, you get the picture.

I wouldn’t trade my experiences for anything and I like to think of myself as an anthropologist, landing in each city, taking in the people, the culture, the food, eventually arriving at a scientific conclusion and then moving on to the next place. However, there are ups and downs to everything and the downside to my career oriented travels is that I haven’t had a lot of time to learn how to do the simple things.

So recently when I found myself sitting in one place a little longer than usual, I had no idea what to do. I got the six-month itch, which I like to describe as the time when I convince myself I have to move again and start over. How about Hawaii, or maybe the south of France? Not happening, this time my personal assignment was to find the greatness in staying put, but how? My whole adult life had been a series of strategic and frequent moves and I was really good at them.

Would I be as successful at the simple things, at sitting still? Would adjusting my game plan for all of these big goals suddenly make me stagnant?


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With the help of my life coach we devised a plan; make a list of things that brought me joy. We were going way back, to the days of sprinklers and Barbie cars and picnics with my family. Somewhere in my memory bank were things that could make me happy without a cross-country move and a new start. I found out it is really easy to list the things that bring you joy, and ultimately really easy to incorporate them into your life.

I started with a long walk on a summer morning and dancing in the ocean. I then moved on to riding horses, sitting quietly in the sun, talking with my best friend for hours, jumping on a trampoline, calling my father more, and am currently attempting, laughing until water comes out of my nose.

I set out almost ten years ago on a journey that has molded into something I could never have imagined. But the truth is, there was always this driving force in the back of my mind saying, “you must be great, only greatness will make you happy and greatness means doing the hardest thing and succeeding.” Maybe it came from the media or maybe I thought I had something to prove because I am the youngest of three. I doubt I will ever know.

What I know now, which is what I wish I knew then, is that simplicity is greatness.

What I know now, which is what I wish I knew then, is that simplicity is greatness. Smelling the roses in the local rose garden makes the long plane rides feel sweeter and the nights in the edit bay more bearable. Taking the time to watch the summer sun set behind the ocean makes it easier to face the cold rainy days and the white winter snow. And the horses? I can’t get enough of those horses. They remind me that unwavering calmness and a simple wag of the tail can make your biggest worries disappear and challenging yourself in new ways enhances your creativity.

Let me tell you, sitting up in two-point while a horse trots is actually sometimes harder than producing an episode of television. I am still forging on with greatness in mind. This experience is simply a reminder that what we think works for us is, and should be, constantly evolving. Evolution demonstrates our growth.

In the end, “greatness” as an adult is not about taking things so seriously and never stopping for a break, it is much more about tapping into your wide eyed and curious inner child, knowing what little things will bring you the most joy and having the courage to shut out the world for a little while to go and do them.

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