Dear Self, From Self

By: Claire Cook, Regular Contributor


What would your current self write to your 16-year-old self? Your 65-year-old self? It’s important to always be in touch with yourself, your mind, your body and your heart. No, this doesn’t necessarily mean talking to yourself out loud, although that does keep you from making grammatical mistakes when writing lengthy emails (just ask my coworkers). It means taking the time to think about how and why you feel the way you do and address it. It means being self-aware.

I’ve never been the Bridget Jones Diary type but I do love to collect handwritten notes. So, I’ve written notes from my current self to my 16 and 65-year-old selves. You should try it too and save the notes in a safe place to stumble upon in the future (maybe on your 65th birthday).


Claire at 26 to Claire at 16:




Claire at 26 to Claire at 65:



About Claire: Claire “Bear” Cook is a regular contributor to I Am That Girl who spends her days working in marketing at a multimedia company in Los Angeles. Having lived in New York City for 3 years and grown up on the East Coast, she moved to LA in 2013 on a leap of faith to build her career and broaden her perspective. Claire is passionate about travel, running, music, karaoke, walruses & wine and enjoys spending her free time with free-thinking, creative & positive people.


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