Dear Remarkable, Amazing You....

By: Ashley Drummonds, Regular Contributor

Hey you….

Yes, you…

Girl who has that dream buried deep inside that you are starting to question if it can ever happen….

That dream that excites you and makes you feel alive that you once believed in, but somewhere lost hope that it could happen so you tucked it away inside to never let it see light again.

It is possible. Yes, you do have what it takes. I know you tried. I know you shared your goals and passions once and they got rejected or did not succeed the first time, but it is okay. Try again. See, when you tried before you didn’t realize the strength you had within you to overcome all of the obstacles and trials you would face on your way to accomplishing your goals.

Before, you didn’t realize the power and the love that you have inside of you that impacts the world on a huge scale.

Before, someone convinced you that you were not strong enough, smart enough, pretty enough, or good enough to do something that big, that different, that grand. But you, yes you, are enough.


You have everything you need inside of you, you just have to trust yourself. You were born with a natural intuition and passions for a reason: to guide you through life and to your purpose. There is a reason you naturally know what to do in a situation because it is part of you.

That dream that keeps coming back around and is stirring inside of you, is ready to come out. The world only has one opportunity to experience what you have and if you choose not to show it because you are scared of showing your full light then the world does not shine as bright as it could. See you, make a difference. You touch the world in a way that nobody else can. Your dream did not just show up one day out of nowhere, it has been inside of you since you were a kid, right? That is because you were born with it and you are here to live your dreams.

Let go of the fear. Let go of the “What if I fail? What will other people think? What if I get lost?” and embrace the “What if I succeed? What if I inspire the world? What if I find my way? What if all of my dreams become a reality?” Fear is there to protect you, to keep you from experiencing pain. When you feel fear, be grateful for the gentle reminder that you are treading uncommon territory and to be aware of your surroundings, but also remember that uncommon territory means uncommon dreams. It is uncommon for a reason because few actually dare to feel the fear and go for their dreams anyways.

Stop worrying about what will happen and know this: You are always guided, and you are always exactly where you are supposed to be. You cannot fail by trying, for in trying you succeed with overcoming fear and you learn the next step on the journey as you go.

So you, yes you…that girl with the dream that is so grand, so huge, and so amazing

…Believe in yourself. Trust yourself. Love yourself and go after that dream of yours because the world needs YOU.

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Everyone struggles when it comes to knocking down fears and chasing those bigger dreams.

  • When was the last time you wrote yourself a Valentine, a love letter, a pep talk? Give it a shot and see what happens!
  • List three things that are keeping you from your dreams. Now list three, practical steps you can do to walk towards those goals
  • Mentors are fab, like having a cheerleader on-call. Who might be a good mentor for you?

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