Dear All Women: An Open Letter of Inspiration

By: Wanda Loreto Andrea Stuardo, Regular Contributor


I know we don't know each other at all. There are millions of women in the world, the probability of both us ever meeting is really small, but it doesn't matter. I care for you anyway. You see, the number of women on Earth is as big as the number of women who are being discriminated and abussed, who are being obligated to become something they are not, who are under laws that are everything but fair.  Lucky are women like me who have a pretty quite life, but, there are a lot of women who do not have that, it could be your neighbour, it could be your friend, it could be a women in the other side of the country, it could even be a women at the other side of the world. And who is helping her? Who is doing something for them?

Sometimes we believe that we are nobodies, that dreaming of changing the world is impossible for common people like us. That we are dreaming too big. But those women who you admire, they were all  just like us, the difference is that they weren't afraid of thinking and speaking. Society has a lot of influence in creating stereotypes and impacting others, but we also have influence. We can’t always complain about society discriminating women and being a bad influence when we are doing nothing to change it. And that's when you, the one who is reading this, gets into action.


I want you to understand that we are as big as we want to be, and as long as you believe that you can make a change, you will. Maybe it won't be from one day to another, but you can't give up, I'm calling you to act. If you think that something is repressing you, don't let it. If you think something is not fair, speak. If you think none of the options that the world is giving you is what you want, look for it. And do the same for other women. We have to protect and respect and support each other. Emma Watson launched a campaign called He For She and has been amazingly succesful,  I ask you, what about the She for She? Why do I feel sometimes like we are letting other people fight for us? It doesn't matter if you live in the most hidden part of the world, or if you are old or too young, as long as you are actually doing something.

We demand equality, we want our rights to be respected, we all want to become great women someday, but we can't wait for other people, even other women, to do things for us to get there; we need to do it ourselves. We need to act together.  It is okay to participate in movements and organizations, but sometimes we are so busy thinking on a large scale that we forget about the daily life, about that neighbor, that friend, or that sister who is living in hell, who doesn't feel good with herself. We forget that people are taking advantage women who are not respected and loved. We need to change that, we need to be daily life women embassadors. We are a huge community. Thanks to women who haven't been selfish, who have been amazingly careful and who were not afraid of expressing their ideas ALOUD, have kept raising the community. Now it's our turn. If you will, and I will, we can.

Let's Chat! Change always starts at home, with YOU! What can you do today, right now to help support, inspire, and empower other girls?

About Wanda

wanda.jpgWanda is a high school Chilean girl that just started a little blog about teenager experiences called Running Life. Theater and writing have helped her the last few years to discover her own voice and not being afraid to share it. Reading, musical theater and TV shows are her guilty pleasure. Her biggest goal in life is to become the best version of herself she can be. More at Running Life









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