Daughters & Fathers: A Sacred Bond


By: Brittney Schering, Regular Contributor



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Daughter: Word to deem sacred. Father: Figure whom shall fight for her, for her world.

With it being Father’s Day, a reflection comes to mind as I ponder the precious and fragile announcement of a first-time father’s brand new baby girl. The two words, “My daughter,” scream “sacred meaning” in a way that most will never come close to, but when spoken from the lips of a father that very sacred meaning becomes magical.


As a man transitions into fatherhood, his whole world turns upside down. The once childish boy on the playground teasing little girls and tugging at dresses now has his own precious pride and joy to protect. He showers her with love and gently caresses her with compassion unlike any ever known. This amazing miracle of innocence and overwhelming love nestled in a newborn blanket becomes his world.

Here’s the secret: Through life’s ups, downs, turns, and twists; while it may seem to evolve and maybe even disappear, to come and go— this love never changes. It’s unconditional. Everlasting. There is one man a girl can always count on to be by her side, protecting her through life’s greatest obstacles: Her Daddy.

In a perfect world.

The truth, though, is that the world is far from perfect. We are all human, living the best we know how to amidst our collective imperfections. The truth is that if you asked me to define a father’s love just a few years ago, I would have bluntly laughed out loud, a mix of sarcasm and sadness. My relationship with my dad was the hardest I had when growing up. I never understood why he did what he did, said the things he said, and broke me down to the extent that he did.

I never knew that I would be sitting here, on my bed in Los Angeles, typing out that I get it now. I never knew that I would look back and be grateful for all of the hard times and impossible moments, for he is the reason that I am strong now. I can look back with not only acceptance of a sour past, but with forgiveness and gratitude.

I never knew the truth was that because my dad had been so hard on me as a fragile, oversensitive little girl, he was only preparing me for a fierce, real world that I had yet to endure. Now, at 23 years old, almost 24, I know I could not survive the wicked blows of the real world and hardships of adulthood had I not been prepped when young to be a self-reliant, independent woman, to be firmly grounded in my morals and remain strong during times of absolute weakness, tragedy and trauma.

Had my dad not raised me the way I hated so much just a few years ago, I would not be a successful graduate of college, writer from a small town no one’s ever heard of in Michigan, and living right and well in my dream city of Los Angeles, CA.

The irony is that every time we talk on the phone, he asks when I’ll be home again.

So here’s to you, Dad. Thank you for molding me into the madness that I have become. I firmly believe I would not be half as strong as I am now without your fatherly love. With pride that I am your daughter, I love you more than words.

About Brittney: Brittney Schering is a writer and full-time nanny in LA. She contributes to multiple publications and maintains two blogs; one personal, the other on life as a nanny. Schering is passionate about compassion, positivity, creativity, and children's best interests. She holds a Bachelor's degree in professional writing.




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