Craigslist Ad Leads to Love and Kindess

By Rachel Benbrook Mason, Regular ContributorDecember 23, 2015


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When Brice Royer was diagnosed with an intestinal tumor, he decided he could either get bitter about his diagnosis or he could try and channel this unfortunate event to spread goodness to others.

“A doctor told me that love and kindness is the world’s best medicine,” Royer said.

As a result of this advice, he posted an ad to craigslist in March of 2015, advertising that he was selling unconditional love for $0. “The problem, is, I can’t buy love and kindness at the pharmacy, but I thought maybe I could give it away freely without expectation, and kindness could help me heal.” He wanted to reach out to others and do acts of service and goodness with zero expectation of the actions to be returned. As a result, he thought he would be able to give himself the greatest gift of giving unconditionally.

Francesca Murray, a homeless, single mom, who wanted to be a part of the cause he started, answered the ad. She offered to come to his Vancouver home and make meals for him. It was during their time of arranging plans that Royer learned that Francesca was homeless and living in a shelter with her 4-year-old daughter, Charlotte. This deeply touched him, that someone who had so little could be willing to give back to others, despite the difficulties she was experiencing.

Royer was so touched by what she had done for him that he set up another page to raise enough to get Murray and her daughter a two-month supply of groceries. This enabled Royer and his friends to raise up to $2,000 and provide all the women in the shelter with 250 meals. He was able to help not only Murray, but also other women who were living in her same situation.

Royer has also decided he wants to raise enough money to hopefully help Francesca and her daughter move into a tiny home that runs off solar energy, which could save them the costs of many bills and provide a long term sustainable living situation.

The story is so touching; it shows that kindness and giving really do connect and heal us. Brice stated, “Because she is homeless and yet she wanted to help me, I was so inspired by her and wanted to pay it forward. I learned sometimes it's those with the least who are often the most generous.”

These sentiments are so true. Often, it is those who have the least who choose giving and joy. I so hope that we can begin to follow Brice Royer and Francesca Murray’s example and use acts of everyday kindness to let us all know that we all need love.

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