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By: Sophie Winik, IATG ContributorJanuary 20, 2016


How do you feel when a complete stranger smiles at you as you’re walking around town? When someone holds the door open for you while your hands are filled with groceries, how do you respond? How does the act of giving kindness make you feel?

The holidays have come and gone and with it people shopping from store to store, trying to find their loved ones the perfect gift. Others were unable to afford that sparkly necklace or that super cool electronic and may have felt upset because they had nothing to give.

We’re surrounded by commercials telling us about the perfect gift for our loved ones, no matter the season. When will the world start understanding that sometimes the greatest gift that can be given is the gift of kindness? What if you could be the reason someone smiles tomorrow? What if you were the reason a child felt special? What if you were the reason a homeless man was able to eat dinner on a cold, winter night? What if you were the person making a difference in the lives of others?

Last year, during the holiday season, I chose to do a random act of kindness. I was at one of my favorite art supplies stores, wanting to purchase everything that my eyes gazed upon. When I finally chose what to buy, I stood in line. Next to me stood a little girl, clutching onto her new set of markers her mommy was about to buy for her. She looked up and smiled at me. As I stood in line I wrote the following note, folded it in half, and handed it to the sweet little artist:

On the front: For: You, a special person.

 Inside: You are a special person.

            Beautiful, amazing

            One of a kind.

            Don’t ever forget that.

            Follow your dreams.

            Treat others with

            kindness. And

            don’t forget to smile.

            Happy Holidays!


As the little girl continued to smile at me in line, she took my note, held it tight, and put it in her coat pocket. Her mommy looked and asked, “What did she give you?” I turned and smiled at the little girl who whispered to her mommy, “I’m special.”

Think about what you can do to make someone smile. The gift of kindness is worth so much more than a store bought item. How will you give kindness in every season?

Let’s Chat!

When you give kindness, how does it make you feel? How about when you receive kindness? Let’s start a chain reaction of kindness! Share some of your favorite random act of kindness suggestions on social and with friends.

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Sophie is a preschool teacher in Southern California. When she is not teaching the little ones she is writing stories about her experiences with bullying, with the hope that her words will help others stand up against bullying and be another voice to end the hate. Sophie is also an artist who loves to paint and draw and is studying to be an art therapist, specifically working with children. Check out her anti-bullying stories


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  • commented 2016-03-03 05:22:48 -0800
    I found something online that I think would interest you!
    The idea is to write down a list of 52 random acts of kindness, and then to do one each week. I started doing this, but I chose to do two kind things each month, because it can take time and I’d rather do it well and stick to it, than reach for too much and end up disappointed. But I really do think it is a great idea, and honestly it gives me something to look forward to each month, which is a nice feeling. Reading your article here I felt like this is something that might interest you, and I hope it can bring something positive to you as well :)

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