Confidence is KEY: Put YOU Behind the Wheel

By: Allison Annala, Regular Contributor

Car buying. That statement alone is enough to make any girl want to throw up. No one likes to spend large amounts of money, and when haggling salesmen enter the picture, I can tell you that this girl’s vocabulary becomes limited to three words, “NO, THANK YOU.”

The entire process can be incredibly intimidating for girls.

People assume we don’t know much about cars, and whether that statement is accurate for you or completely bogus, the car buying experience can be a stressful one for our gender as a whole.

An article by CNBC stated that four out of five women take a man with them to purchase a vehicle. Confidence is key when negotiating, and for those of us who are not fluent in “automobile,” we may feel the need to bring someone we trust to translate for us. The article also indicated that women are far more aggressive with their negotiating online than in person. But who isn’t, really.

Thank goodness for companies like TrueCar who recently donated $10,000 to I AM THAT GIRL’s #IAMforTHATGIRL campaign, a campaign targeted at providing leadership skills, professional development training, and inspiration for women all over the world to love and be exactly who they are!


TrueCar gave us these helpful quick tips for when you are buying a car:

  1. Lifestyle change: The migration from college to the “real world” can be traumatic, but make sure your vehicle isn’t part of the problem. You may be going from a small college town to a job in the big city (or vice versa). Make sure the vehicle you buy today is compatible with your planned post-collegiate life.

  2. Gas prices: The long term trend for gas prices is up, up, up, so relieve the pressure at the pump by investing in a high efficiency car vs. splurging on performance, roominess or luxury.

  3. Consider leasing: Leasing provides a lower entry price point for a new car and a lower monthly expense. It also gives you an opportunity to build a positive credit profile. As a lessee, you always have first option to purchase your vehicle at the end of the lease period, which means  your lease payments are simply going towards your final acquisition cost to own your vehicle. Pay attention to the fine print though, some lessors will charge a fee to purchase the vehicle at the end of a lease (this is usually in the $500-1000 range).

  4. Accessorize yourself, not your car: Many people consider their vehicle to be a blank canvas to express something about themselves, but that expression can kill your resale value. Keep it simple with your accessories and color palate or focus on accessories that are removable when it comes time to dispose of your car.

  5. TrueCar: Take the price negotiation of your new car out of the equation by using TrueCar

Making the transition from college life to the work force can be a traumatic time in a girl’s life. The cost of student loans, paying for your own place, and managing adulthood can be incredibly overwhelming.

Don’t let your vehicle or the car buying process limit you.

Make sure that you have a reliable and cost appropriate car, the best for YOU, to help you navigate all the changes that come your way.

Thank you to the amazing, TrueCar, for your generous donation, for being FOR THAT GIRL, and for taking a stand to support our wonderful community!

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