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By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular Contributor

From the Stone Age to the 21st century, women have been obsessed with improving their appearances- smearing mud on their faces for smooth skin, exfoliating with sand, and coating eyelashes in goo. As the Information Age throttles forward, men and women are constantly greeted with beauty tips: from makeup ads, to hair commercials, to Photo-shopped bodies on magazine covers.

Feminine product company, Carefree, recently introduced a commercial in which men were asked to identify certain beauty products, including: a bottle of dry shampoo, a panty liner, and an eyelash curler. The results were hilarious- one guy even thought the panty liner was a nametag. The point? To clarify that confidence is the only thing that matters. However, there’s a slight bit of backlash attached to the commercial: people saying that this is showcasing a double standard in beauty expectations.

In reality, makeup is a personal choice. There is most definitely pressure to look perfect- but men face that pressure, too. Where we sometimes use eyelash curlers, men sometimes use hair gel. While women often slather their skin with lotions and creams, men often have to carefully shave away their beards. There will always be unfair gender stereotypes attached to either sex, and it is unlikely that those standards will go away. However, Carefree is right: it is how you feel that matters- not the products you use or the time you spend getting ready in the morning. You can wake up and decide you look fabulous or that you don’t- it’s completely up to you.

Let's chat! What's your beauty routine look like? How can you become more confident with less products? How can you remind That Guy or That Girl that they're beauty-full with or without beauty products? Share with us here!

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