Clooney and Bullock Fight Hollywood Sexism

By Rachel Benbrook Mason, Regular ContributorSeptember 23, 2015

Recently I watched an excellent documentary called Miss Representation. The documentary focused on how women are portrayed in the American media, and it showcased the lack of positive female characters in entertainment. This lack of positive representation in the media has led to harsh criticism of female leaders and an overall lack of positive imagery for young girls.

Fortunately, Hollywood may be beginning to acknowledge this discrepancy. George Clooney and Sandra Bullock have recently teamed up to place Sandra in a movie role that was originally made for a man. George Clooney (the lucky husband of powerful human rights attorney, Amal Clooney) has realized the impact Hollywood can have on how women are viewed in society, and he’s willingly stepping up to try and place Sandra in this exciting role. As the director, Clooney stated that although the role was originally written for a man, he realized how easily it could be transitioned to be played by a woman.

Clooney acknowledged, “there are an awful lot of women’s roles that could be out there if people started thinking in this way.”  

This shift in thinking helps to highlight the potential that Hollywood could have on how women are viewed in all roles of American society. Often, many female roles lack depth or vision and portray women as only looking for a love interests. Women are multi-faceted human beings; therefore, the roles they’re cast in should reflect this.


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It takes a visionary effort, like that made by George Clooney and Sandra Bullock, to begin to shift culture.

It’s imperative that we allow women to be portrayed in multi-faceted ways, so they may begin to rise to the top in government, business, and all aspects of society.

Although casting a woman in a man’s role seems like a small feat, I truly believe that making a conscious effort to do this more often will have an impact on the way women are treated in all aspects of society.

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