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By Allison Annala, Regular ContributorSeptember 24, 2015

Recently, Alexis Jones, our queen, posted a quote from Oscar Wilde on her Instagram, “With freedom, books, flowers, and the moon, who could not be happy?” I read her caption with such intention. What a beautiful sentiment. What an incredible concept. Why in the world don’t I do this every day?!

The everyday grind is sometimes less than beautiful.

Homework assignments, challenging work environments, relationship struggles, finances and so much more contribute to our high stress levels on a regular basis. It’s amazing really. We could be on top of the mountain one minute, and within a matter of moments, feel like we’re being swept away in an avalanche.

But do you know those people… the ones who are seemingly always happy? Those people who are confident that life will work itself out. Those people who have perspective layered on top of perspective… and seem to always see the bright side of things.



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I want to wake up each day and expect a great day!

I want to fall asleep each night with a grateful heart.

I want to go to work with an optimistic mindset.

I want to handle stress with a positive attitude.

I want to immediately understand that someone else’s negativity does not have an effect on me if I do not allow it to.

I want to recognize my stress and become able to alleviate it with a single thought.

I want to share happiness like it is a contagious disease.

While these are all beautiful goals and aspirations, they aren’t skills I put to use on a daily basis.  The unfortunate part is, I have every tool needed and every capability of doing this… and so do you!

I know that it’s impossible to be 100% happy with life at every second of every day. Life is going to throw all kinds of craziness our way, but if we equip ourselves with the knowledge that we have a choice in how we feel and how we look at our circumstances, I think we will all be able do a better job of maintaining a little extra happiness in our day to day lives.

Happiness is a choice. The world is full of magic and beauty and goodness.

Things are only as bad as they seem, and changing your perspective can be a magnificent gift. If you’re having trouble seeing the bright side, take a peak in the mirror. You, yourself, are such a light and this world would be a little bit darker without you. Shine bright, choose happy, and spread that happiness like it’s the chicken pox!!

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