Change Your Mindset and Change The World

By Rebekah Hibbert, Guest Blogger 

When I first started writing, I tried too hard to be someone who had it all together and what I found was that no one was interested in that. To be honest, I’m not interested in that. What I soon realized is that I needed to change.

In order to reach anyone, I had to be honest, not just about my hopes and dreams but also about my many failures. This can be scary but it is also liberating. As I start my first blog posting, of what I hope will be many to come for I AM THAT GIRL, I wanted to be completely honest.

I fail, a lot. I get down on myself and fight insecurities more often than I would like to admit. I also believe in myself. These may sound like contradictions but it is my reality, and one I think many of us exist in.

Sure, I can judge myself too harshly on my appearance or not having all the answers and God knows when I screw up, I feel the guilt of that. But I know that there is a path set forth for me that makes me capable of changing the world, and I believe you have one too. It is a path that exists when we work hard, pursue our passions, and share our gifts with others.

I know every time you or I doubt ourselves we are only hindering our progress. So I work on pushing my inner voices of judgment out, knowing we live in a world that needs you and I to be our best, most authentic selves, if we are ever going to help make the changes it so desperately needs.  


During my career I have worked with many young women and it is apparent that from an early age we start to expect perfection in ourselves. The amount of time we spend judging not only ourselves but other females makes my head spin. Those young women’s journeys, along with my own, have made me realize the things I want for all of us. 

I want all of us to live a life that is bold. One that makes us happy, fulfills us, and leaves us content. To know that there will be times that our wants and needs come before others and that it is OK. I want body shaming and self loathing to end. I want us to deal with our own insecurities so we don’t project them on to others. I want us to be open and honest with each other about the struggles we all face. To know our worth is not based on our weight or our appearance. That we can be anything we want in this life. To know there is nothing that can determine our ability to change our direction in life, unless we let it.

We will make mistakes. It will be scary. It will be frustrating. It will be exciting. Most importantly, it will be worth it. When we live out our passions, share our triumphs as well as our failures, and strive to make positive changes, we’ll create not only a better self, but also a better world.  

Thank you for taking time to share in my journey to live a bolder and more authentic life. I hope as we move forward together you will also share your journey with me!

Let's Chat! What are some things that you want for all of us? Share with us here!

About Rebekah

REBEKAH_HIBBERT.jpgRebekah works as an Athletic Trainer in Kentucky. She also maintains her blog The Real Girl Grind and is dedicated to inspiring others to maintain a positive self image in this image obsessed world. It is her hope to represent the ‘real’ girl’s daily struggles and triumphs. In her free time you can find her running, lifting weights, reading, writing or trying new restaurants with her husband.

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