Change is the Only Constant

By Adrienne Credo, Regular ContributorAugust 28, 2015

I have said this to myself time and time again, hoping that the sentiment would actually stick around in my brain long enough for me to realize how true it really is. People change. Plans change. Our entire lives consistently change. Everything changes with or without our consent.

The only thing we have control over during times of change is how perceive it and whether or not we embrace it.

A lot of the times, I am an opponent of change. I hate change. If things are going well the way they are, why change it? If everything is so harmonious, why tip the balance? What’s so good about change? However, when the time comes for change, I try my best to face it head on rather than stubbornly standing my ground or running away from it. My perception of change has evolved through the realization that change is inevitable. I’m evolving as a person and getting closer to being the best version of myself through the acceptance of change.


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One thing I loathed about change was the great unknown that came with it. I fear the unknown. I fear failure. I fear the failure that can develop from the unknown. But in order to grow as a person, change must occur. We never really know who we are going to change into or how change will affect us, but erring on the side of caution never helped anyone (and it’s most certainly not conducive to a good growing environment for ourselves).

While I still struggle to dive into the depths of the unknown, I allow myself to freefall into it and hope for the best, because that’s all we can ever really hope for.

As Nina Dobrev said so humbly during her Teen Choice Awards acceptance speech, “Change… It’s a scary word, or at least I used to think that, because it meant new beginnings. New beginnings of a future that was unknown. But change is necessary, necessary for you to grow and to learn and to better yourself. Because everything in life comes to an end.” Nina’s fear of the unknown is exactly how I felt and will always feel. However, her later sentiments on how necessary change is ring true to how I feel about change as well. Change is a beautiful thing because it can bring us new opportunities to flourish, help cultivate ourselves in an environment where we may feel that we are the best versions of ourselves, and assist us in recognizing when and how change is needed not only within ourselves, but around us as well. In order to become the best versions of ourselves, we must become more open to change.

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