Burka or Booty Shorts?

By Susannah Hutcheson, Regular ContributorNovember 1, 2015


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I love SoulPancake videos. I am a big fan of cuddling up on the couch and getting lost in an internet rabbit hole, typically involving a lot of random YouTube videos. When I found one of the latest mini SoulPancake documentaries, “Burka or Booty Shorts- Why Are You Wearing That?” I was enthralled.

So often in today’s culture, we judge the people around us for what they wear. I would be lying through my teeth if I saidthat I haven’t done it- I have judged people for what they wear, and I have done it very recently. I have seen girls walking in the mall in tiny shorts and thought they looked so trashy. I have seen girls in super elaborate hair and makeup going to class and rolled my eyes. And then, every week, I write a post for IATG about loving yourselves and others for who they are. Do you see my problem here?

This video definitely caused me to reach deep and think a little harder before judging those around me.

Bita, a host for SoulPancake, is both Middle-Eastern and American. She conducted a social experiment to test the extremes between her cultures: a hijab and booty shorts. The two are as different as any outfit could possibly get: covering yourself almost completely and wearing teeny tiny shorts. She then went around and questioned people, asking them why they wear what they wear. What do you think about hijabs? Booty shorts? Would you rather your daughter wear a burka or booty shorts?

The answers were nothing short of astonishing. The women that were partaking in either of the two extremes answered Bita’s questions from the heart: they were wearing what they were wearing because they wanted to. There was no other reason. None.

So why are we so quick to judge those around us for what they choose to clothe themselves with?

Why do we see a woman walking down the street in a hijab and immediately think of cultural oppression? That’s not the way they see it. Why do we watch a girl run down the street in spandex and a sports bra and think that they’re exercising, but not react the same way if we see someone walking around in spandex and a sports bra?

It’s way past time for us to end the double standard we have going on with each other among women. Why can’t we celebrate each other- and our fashion choices- instead of rolling our eyes at each other?

Watch the video, and let me know what you think.

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Do you ever judge other people by what they wear? Do you ever feel judged for the same reason? How can we begin to embrace each other for our fashion differences?

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