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By Eliana Taylor, Regular ContributorJuly 9, 2015

We all go through those points in life where we contemplate who we are. We try to put ourselves into these boxes that society has given us. Do we want to fit into the cool person box who loves to go out and party all the time? Or do we want to fit in the smart box that requires hard work and lots of studying? Or can we do both? Do I belong here? Or do I belong there? Do I have a place in this world? Who am I?

Having recently found myself in this place, and still struggling through it in some moments, I have found sometimes that it is better to not ask these questions.

By asking questions we set a presumption on who we have to be, not giving light to the person we can become.

By asking questions we start to think that we can only become one certain thing, a teacher, a nurse, a lawyer, a bartender, etc. Now, I am not trying to say these things are bad, but we set ourselves up to think that they are the only things we can become.

As I started college, I put myself into the only box I knew. I thought I would become a teacher and then a mom...and that would be it. Now, as I have stopped that mindset, I have shifted my focus from what I thought I could be to the endless possibilities of who I can be and have found myself in places I never thought I would be. I am no longer pursuing a teaching degree for elementary students but now find myself pursuing an English degree with multiple minors in politics and communication and rhetoric. Never in my dreams would I have thought that I would be here but now that I am, my joy in life has expanded exponentially, and the reality is I never would have found myself here without stepping outside of the box I had put myself in.


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So ladies as you struggle bus through these rough times I want you to know it’s okay to take yourself out of the box that you thought you belonged in. It can be scary because it may seem like you are losing yourself, but let me tell you it is quite the opposite. As you take yourself out of these boxes, you will start seeing all the other options that are out there. You’ll start figuring out what makes you tick as you move through your day. Whether it be walking on the curb pretending you're on a tightrope while singing your favorite song that has been on repeat for the last three days. Or it’s huddled in the corner wearing an oversized hoodie while reading romantic novels. Or dressed to the nines sitting and playing video games all day. Who knows? Only you get to decide who you want to be. Don’t let anyone else put you in a box because you can be whoever you want to.

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Have you ever felt like you're confined to a box and your options in life are limited? Who do you WANT to be? How can you achieve it? Tell us below!

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Eliana (pronounced Ee-lee-ah-nuh) has been all over the United States and is now studying at Colorado State University Pueblo. She started off her undergraduate studying to be an Elementary Education teacher and is now an English major with minors in Political Science, Communication and Rhetoric and Honors. She competes on her universities Speech and Debate team and loves every second of it. She also loves to travel, write poetry and is all about “you being you because nothing else will do.


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