Bold, Brave, and Brilliant: L’Oréal USA For Girls in Science

It’s one thing for me to get on stage and try and convince a group of girls that “smart is the new cool”- A big part of I AM THAT GIRL has been trying to buck the “dumb girl” stereotype, and there are these little moments when our grassroots efforts feel validated by the big dogs. For instance, L’Oréal - oh, just the world’s largest beauty care company - recently launched a website designed to inspire and empower girls to pursue careers in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (S.T.E.M.) So when they asked me to be a brand ambassador my immediate response, “Are you kidding me?! It would be an honor!” Talk about beauty being redefined; it’s inspiring to see a company take on a broader definition of “beauty” one where our physical appearance is but a slice of the pie, along with our brains, our innovation, compassion, creativity and our ability to make a difference in the world.

When I first heard about L'Oreal's girl empowerment initiative I had to check out their website for myself. Featuring everything from videos of women scientists, a career personality quiz, facts on famous women in S.T.E.M. and career opportunities in the same field, to summer weekend camps; this website reminds girls that science, technology, engineering and math are in fact, cool. I think we've needed a rebranding of that for some time now and L'Oreall USA For Girls in Science is taking a very brave and bold approach to it. All I can say is that it's inspiring to see a company recognize the power and influence they have on our youth today, and then responsibly take steps to using that power to make a positive and significant difference in the lives of our future, female leaders.

As for how to get involved and support, (along side me), check out , as they are launching a Why S.T.E.M is Cool video contest for girls between the ages of 13 and 18 years old. The point is to inspire girls to produce and upload their unique, original, engaging, hilarious and heartfelt videos, telling us why they think S.T.E.M. is cool. If you know any girls out there with the guts to think for themselves, to speak their truth and who think S.T.E.M. is as cool as me, then tell them they can submit a video about one of the four categories: science, technology, engineering or mathematics and why they think it's so rad.

For my fellow girl empower-ers, activists, parents, coaches, or anyone else with a heart for inspiring our generation of girls to buck the "dumb girl" stereotype, this is a great call to action. It's our job to remind girls everywhere that smart is cool. Girls can't become what they can't see so let's redefine what it means to be a rock star, We have a generation of girls driven by passion, activism and technological innovation, let's make sure they are learning the skills and have the tools to be the solution to our world's biggest problems. Check out for more info and here's to L'Oreal and S.T.E.M. being the hottest new trend to hit the girl scene.

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