Bieber Fever, for REAL

Justin Bieber rocked my world. I somehow convinced two of my best friends, one of which is a dude, to go to the Justin Bieber movie with me for what I deemed “research.” Right. In fact, I think my exact quote was, “Hey you guys busy tonight? I need to go see a documentary that is imperative to my profession and would love if either of you would join” (insert serious tone here). Little did they know that three tickets were prepurchased for what would be a guaranteed Bieber fever experience.

Point being is that I've seen the eye rolls and the dismissal of him as a "teen sensation" in the same way that the Jonas Brothers rolled in and Miley Cyrus rolled out. But I'm staking my professional reputation (shoot, my personal one for that matter) on the line by saying this kid is different. Let's talk about the fact that he sold out Madison Square Garden in under a year as the headliner. For those not familiar with music history, the greats like Michael Jackson, U2 and the Rolling Stones sell out MSG and this kid did it not only in his first year, but in 22 minutes.

Now this isn't just an unapologetic confession of officially being on the JB bandwagon. This is witnessing something that has never been done and having a profound reverence for it. Scooter Braun was a no-name guy who found this kid on YouTube and thought he had talent. Justin was a no-name kid who was a passion-filled juggernaut with an undeniable talent. This is a Cinderella story meets the best underdog sports movie with a  21st Century, technologically-savvy twist.

It's a story of a team of people who believe something is possible when all the odds are stacked against them and, in spite of being told no, after no, after no, never give up. Justin is a charismatic genius mixed with a musical prodigy. Those who play the "too cool" card and write him off do so because this kid represents the discrepancy between the good and the great and more often than not is a glaring reminder of what happens when you chase your dreams down relentlessly. Everything he represents infuriates mediocrity because they are reminded of having sold out long ago.

I'm a huge fan and I happen to like his music, which is a perk. But I'm more a fan of him as a reminder to us all, that it really is possible. He didn't come from money or have a powerful dad, he didn't win the lottery or strike gold. He just had a gift, faith in something bigger than himself and found others who bought into his insane dream.

May we all have the bravado to chase down our dreams, to put together the right crew of fellow believers, and not bat an eye when we watch those dreams be brought to fruition right before our very eyes. As Scooter says at the end of the movie, "Justin isn't some one-hit wonder that will come and go, he's a legend in the making. He's already proved that and I certainly wouldn't bet against this kid." Neither would I, Mr. Braun. Hats off to Justin and his whole team - us fellow dreamers gotta stick together.

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