Benefits of a Rash Decision

By Madeline Brady, Regular ContributorAugust 11, 2015

My whole life I’ve been a planner: birthday parties, club meetings, college applications, and family vacations. You name it; I’ve planned it. I’ve always found great comfort in planning things out. I like to be prepared, mentally and physically, for whatever is coming my way. I want to pack the right clothes, bring the correct papers, and know where I’m sleeping at the end of the day. I would be anxious without my plans, but I’m starting to realize there’s only so much you can do…

I recently did something rash, and not in a small way like eating cake for breakfast or doing hot yoga. I made a life altering decision in 2 days flat. 2 days! It’s suffice to say that I did not plan this new path of mine. No pro-con lists, no late nights of research, and no long coffee dates with my friends seeking advice.

I saw an opportunity and I told myself yes, even though it wasn’t what I had originally wanted or planned on. And you know what? It feels awesome.

It feels strangely liberating not having everything planned out, and I think it’s because I know this is the right decision for me. I don’t need to make the lists and check them twice, because I no longer need convincing. I am confident in my ability to know what’s good for me, and, at this moment, I am the only person I need to please.


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I think, especially as women, we run into this need to make everyone happy; it’s part of the way our society has constructed the female gender. We are conditioned to put everyone around us before ourselves, and somewhere along the way my planning became a form of that. Sure, sometimes I’m unsure of what I want and deliberating my options is absolutely the best thing to do. But other times I had made my decision already but went through all the labor of researching and planning in order to convince others that my thinking was sound, reliable, and smart. I never felt trusted to make my own decisions unless I could convince someone else of them.

But here I am, relishing this opportunity to confidently move in the direction that I have chosen for myself, even if it doesn’t make everyone in my life happy.

I dive in knowing I have the strength, resourcefulness, and audacity to handle whatever comes my way and to remain resolute in the knowledge that I made the best decision for myself. And who knows? Maybe improvisation will become my new thing…

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