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By: Anushe Noor Faheem, Regular Contributor

Summer is at its probable end, and we all had a lot to do and learned a lot. Same was the case for me as I opened up another chapter of conservation in my life. This summer I learned that it's a big crime to “stalk” your celebrity crush. It turns out be even worse when you waste loads of time on the Internet looking at the particular person's pictures and trying to know more about them. And things get worse than ever when your family knows about it and gets to know who it was that made you spend so much time on the Internet. Yet what can we do ladies, Harry Styles is so damn cute!

Yet the issue here is not Harry Styles or any other celebrity crush, the issue is the mentality that thinks that being interested in a celebrity is unethical! Well that's what my Uncle thought whom I always joke about is very conservative. Many people treated my interest as if I was having a secret love affair with him (even if I wanted to, I wasn’t of course!) What bothers me here is why they think this way. Why do they want us girls to stay away from guys, even celebrities on the Internet? It's not like that everywhere so I congratulate those girls who are free. I regret that many girls belong to societies that do not allow them their interests. I believe we should not be victims to such mentalities.

I believe that we could be a change, yet that could only happen if we start believing in ourselves. Mahatma Gandhi once beautifully said, “Be the change you wish for this world.” I think we need to believe in Gandhi's words.


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A lot of times all change takes is the willingness and courage to speak up and use your voice.

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