Behind the Book Cover: When We Judge

By: Ryan Roberts, Guest Blogger


It is unbelievable how quick we are to judge people based solely on their appearance. In some instances it makes sense. For example, if you are applying for a job at a bank and you show up dressed in dirty clothes that hang on you because they are two sizes too big you probably won’t be hired. The bank wants to hire individuals that demonstrate professionalism in their appearance.

However, there are many instances where making appearance based judgments are feeble. These are the conclusions that we draw on the basis of skin color, hair-style, ethnicity, culture, etc. People use those attributes and make assumptions in areas related to personality even though they are not necessarily connected.


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I personally have experienced this kind of judgment in regard to my taste in music. People are always shocked when they find out that I love listening to hip hop music. When I ask why it is so surprising it always comes down to how I look. Because my skin is white and my eyes are blue I’m supposed to listen to country or pop music. It’s funny to me that society tries to tell us who we are “supposed” to be.

I love hip hop because I can relate to it. Now, I don’t mean that I relate to ALL of it. I have never done drugs, I’m not into drinking, and I’m not a racist. But I have had a gun held to me, witnessed cops break into my house, and watched my dad get arrested, all before I was eleven years old. This goes to show that all of those “assumptions” that people may have made about me were completely wrong.

It is ineffective to judge somebody based on image alone. Everybody has a history that shapes them into who they are today and sometimes that background is not visible to others. Yes, I am a driven and successful college student who doesn’t use drugs, and I am a fan of hip hop.

About Ryan: I am a Boise State University senior working toward a marketing BBA & a political science AA. I am extremely outgoing & optimistic. My passion tends to consume me, I drink too much tea, & I love football more than most things.

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