Beauty In Our Biology

By: Sheila Moeschen, IATG Senior Editor July 1, 2015


I did not grow up thinking I was cute or pretty and definitely not beautiful. No one used any of those words to describe me—cuteprettybeautiful--and when I looked in the mirror I saw a face and a body distant light galaxies away from the girls and young women peeking out at me in magazines with their flawless skin, gorgeous cheekbones, slim hips, and non-existent thighs. I also was ignorant to photo retouching and the miracle of good lighting and a killer wind machine.

I was the girl in the movie who shuffles around unassuming, until her friends decide enough is enough and put her through one of those make-over montages.

But that never happened. Something better did that made me realize what was considered beautiful on the outside was only a super small part of the story.

Instead, I started to feel beautiful some of the most surprising and unusual places. I felt beautiful when I used my smarts, when I made people laugh; I felt beautiful when I helped someone; I felt beautiful looking at a photograph of my mother when she was my age and noticing we share the same smile.

Beauty is more than skin deep, thank goodness some sayings are true. Beauty is in our biology.

This organization, IATG, is not the only one plugged into beauty bio power. Biossance is a skin care company whose "soul" purpose is to utilize what you already have inside of you to enhance what you have on the outside. Check this out: A group of scientists got together who wanted to find a product that wasn't harmful or toxic to our bodies. Did you know that 57% of lotions and creams we put on our body actually contain toxins and carcinogens? Biossance is 100% natural, derived from plants, those awesome leafy greens that do such great stuff!

These inspiring people make products that do more than make us feel awesome, they are an invitation to talk about what's going on inside--how we feel about ourselves changes everything! That's Biossance and that's why we are so excited to partner with them!

"Together with the support of Amyris and its Biossance brand, we will be able to amplify our goal of transforming girls' self-doubt into self-love," says Emily Greener, Co-Founder and CEO of I AM THAT GIRL.

Every day, girls are surrounded by harmful messages and images that attack their actions, looks, and ways of thinking. Through our programs, we’ve already inspired over 250,000 girls to be who they are instead of who they think they’re supposed to be – and, with the support of Biossance, we will be able to reach so many more.

“We are excited to partner with I AM THAT GIRL and expand our shared commitment of empowering girls and women,” said John Melo, President & CEO of Amyris. “As a father of two young women, I know the importance of building confidence and self-worth among the young women today who will be the empowered leaders of tomorrow. With the recent launch of our brand, Biossance, which is all about restoring and nurturing the beauty already found within, Amyris is delighted to establish this partnership to support women toward feeling their best.”

The partnership between the Amyris Biossance brand and I AM THAT GIRL will kick-off on July 23, 2015, with the “Summer School” program, a series of educational offerings designed to enable girls to harness their confidence and beauty from within, emphasizing emotional intelligence, professional and leadership skills and personal growth. The partnership will entail a number of social media and other communications activities toward promoting the movement and philosophy of I AM THAT GIRL while generating community buzz and involvement in the 7-Day Embodied Challenge. Stay tuned for more details soon!

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  • commented 2015-07-06 18:43:32 -0700
    I feel beautiful when I watch my happy children

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