Beating the Mental Blocks

By Eliana Taylor, Regular ContributorJuly 26, 2015

I recently read a tumblr post that read, “Do you ever just get the overwhelming urge to cry because you think you’re not going to go far in life because you’re not as smart or as talented as the people around you?” This really hit home for me, because I’m working through a similar place in life right now.

We often put up mental blocks for ourselves because we think that we aren’t or can never be as good as the people around us.


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We think that because certain people have had more time practicing or because they have done more, we will never be able to catch up to their skill level. I recently spent a week at camp training for our upcoming debate season, and as I strove to speak the best and learn as fast as I could, I found that I was struggling more than usual. Because the students I was with had past experience, I had put up a mental block that I would never be as good as them and that I would never be able to catch up. This mental anxiety held me back as I struggled to fight against myself. Then one morning we all got up super early to practice, and I was so tired that I didn’t take the time to care if I would ever be as good as them. I just went with what skills I had, and I came out with fire and passion. When I finished my speeches and the round was over, one of my coaches expressed that the confidence I had just shown was what he had been looking for in the last couple days.

After that point I realized that I wasn’t able to get anywhere because I was holding myself back. It wasn’t that anyone was telling me that I couldn’t do it, it was just myself thinking that I wasn’t going to make it. So ladies and gents while you may feel the overwhelming urge to cry because you don’t think you are the top of the top, realize that even the top of the tops feel that way. Realize that you are your own worst enemy, and sometimes it takes letting go of those emotions and feelings to move on and find that love and motivation that you need to get going.

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