Be The Strong Woman You Admire

By: Daniella Aryeh, Guest Blogger

During my second to last Wednesday night class of the fall 2014 semester, my professor came in, sat down, and said she was just ready for winter break. The look on all my classmates faces said, “I hear you buddy. We are burnt out too.” She went on to say how she could not wait to catch up on her shows. (Let’s be real, that’s what every grad student looks forward to after working so hard, no?) Which shows was she most excited to watch? The Mysteries of Laura, Law and Order SVU, and Chicago PD.

I couldn’t help but smile when she mentioned those shows. Who knew she and I would have so much in common. Our class, which ironically is made up of only girls, started talking about how great those shows are. All 25 of us love at least one of those shows. We loved those shows for different reasons, but there was one thing we could all agree on. We were so happy to finally see these bold, strong women on television portraying these strong, fearless, and sometimes even vulnerable cops (shout out to to Mariska Hargitay, Debra Messing and Sophia Bush for portraying these characters!). This notion of a strong woman on television at every hour of the night is pretty cool. This “women crush Wednesdays” idea was genius.

These characters are determined and they believe in what’s right. But they also show they aren’t perfect. They all have had their own struggles, but have come through the other side stronger. They really give girls a great role model to look up to.


There’s this double standard for women in our society today. And I think its really frustrating.

"There is a double standard for girls and there always will be"

"Yeah, and I'm saying screw the double standard"

"And that's good Brooke, you should say it and so should I and every other girl who's tired of playing their game by their rules. Don't be too fat, or too thin, or too dark, or too light. Don't be too sexual or too chaste or too smart or too dumb. Be yourself, but make sure you fit in." –from One Tree Hill

Society tells us who we should be. It’s crazy and stressful. Society tries to put us in a box, telling women who to be and how to act. And in turn, we try to fit ourselves into the box society is creating for us. And when we are trying to be what society wants us to be, we are still criticized.

But we could be strong, smart, sexy, bold and beautiful, fierce, and feminine. All of these things used to be mutually exclusive, but it is about time we own it. ALL of it.

I think that these women are finally giving us a great role model to look up to. We love these strong women on T.V. because they do own up to everything they are. So, I guess that I want to you take away from everything I just spewed, is you can be too. You can be just like those strong women that you admire. When you finally own up to who you are, to everything you are, you will see that you are strong as well. Don’t be afraid to be yourself.

Let's Chat! Who are some strong women YOU admire? Tell us about them here!

About Daniella

daniella_a.jpgI am in the process of completing my master’s degree in speech-language pathology. I love traveling, meeting new people, hanging on the beach, and will read anything I can get my hands on. I am obsessed with country music, and I constantly quoting Friends and One Tree Hill.


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