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Throughout the first half of the summer, my sister and I would meet up on a regular basis with intentions of casually spending time together, but each time we would end up indulging in our very own pity party. We were both feeling restless and dissatisfied with our lives in Orange County. It’s a beautiful place to live and raise a family, but far too quiet for a couple of young professional women looking to make a mark on this world.

I vividly remember the night we hit our breaking point sitting on the outside patio of my favorite local bar. A group of women in their mid to late fifties walked in making a real fashion statement in sequin skits, low-cut tops, and midriff-bearing blouses. I was horrified to realize that we were the only ones at this bar under the age of 40 and wearing outfits more likely to be seen in a Banana Republic ad then Wet Seal. I turned to my sister and said, "I need to get out of this town; I don't fit in and it's making me incredibly unhappy." With a knowing look in her eye she simply said, "Me, too."

We each decided to take action. She�s currently in the process of shopping for Ikea furniture to fill her new apartment in the Chinatown neighborhood of Washington, D.C. She�s thrilled about her new job, new city, and the new friendships that are already blossoming around her. I couldn't be more proud of my little sister for taking big chances by buying a one-way ticket to the East Coast.

As for me, I have been setting up my new beach cottage in Los Angeles and have been getting a feel for this new town. I’m already feeling the energy, excitement, and fresh oxygen fill my body. Thanks to the inspiring acts on display at the London Olympics, I have become motivated to take on new challenges and am now the proud owner of a surfboard. Luckily, my new housemate happens to be a local surfer and is graciously taking the time to teach me the ways of the water.

We were up late the other night joking around, his friends playing renditions of Jack Johnson songs on the guitar, and I declared that it was time to call it a night in order to rise early and get out into the water to start “training.” I pointed out that we should be prepared to try for the Olympics in Rio in case surfing is added as a sport. We only have four years, so it's best we commit early. The housemates loved it and the next morning there was a call for “Team Rio” to hit the waves!

I would have never imagined a month ago that this past weekend would be spent with new friends, gathering around the guitar during the late night hours, and then taking in the astonishing beauty of the ocean waves at 7 a.m. The ultimate catalyst for this move was actually my most recent parting of ways with a significant other. He was unapologetically pursuing his hopes and dreams, making me realize the tough truth that I was the only person in my life holding me back from doing the same. I love when life turns out to present dark moments simply to prepare you for the bright light ahead. We can't always know the context of life, but we do have some influence and control of our own destiny through the power of choice.

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