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Stefs Lima, Guest BloggerJuly 5, 2015

Since the Supergirl promo video was launched, there have been many comments: she's too girlie or too strong or too good to be true. Let's not forget about the sexual comments as well. It's the same old story: any girl is only good enough, especially Shero, if she has curves. Smart or strong? Doesn't matter, as long as your body speaks more than your brain. 

The sexual comments are old, but always pop back up when convenient. Some people treat girls as objects, and it really worries me.

But, I believe in power; the power we all have to make something good and not value others based on appearance. 

I still cannot understand why people care so much about the clothes, the hair, the make up, the curves, yet ignore the best part of a human being: the impact she or he can bring to the world. It's not wrong to buy a new jacket or use red lipstick (I love that!), but what matters most to me is what one person is doing with their power during their journey AND what can I learn from them. 

Many teen girls and women are constantly criticized by their appearance, Melissa included (the woman giving life to Supergirl). It's pretty difficult to handle when you see someone or even a character being criticized by their appearance, when it's clear that she/he is more than that. 

Many people don't see heroines like Supergirl as an inspiration. This is not about Mellisa's hair (gorgeous hair, BTW). It's about what her character will bring to the table. The choices that she will make, what she can possibly do with her power, and how the challenges will help her embrace her purpose. These are the important questions. 


It's a fact that girls and women are living in an awesome time where some women in the media can be seen as heroines, not objects. Of course, there's a lot to improve still, but I think our voices are being heard more than ever. Now you can see super-heroines telling their stories, being the protagonists of their journey, searching for independence for they own, living a life determined by herselfand it's incredible. We need more Supergirls not just in television, but in our lives. We need to be our own heroine and empower others to be one too. The world wants more #GirlPower. 

Supergirl must not be defined by how she looks like. She's more than that. We're more than that. All she wants is to help people and be the one responsible for her own story, a story about a girl who has to embrace a power that can change everything. And all of us can do that, even in our pajamas.

Many of us think that it's impossible to be yourself and fight for what you believe. But, yes you can!

You can be the heroine and use your superpowers, such as perseverance, love, courage, etc., to change people's lives and the world. 

Our powers can scare the hell out of us when we want to make a impact. But, we don't just want to be seen anymore, we want to be heard and be recognized for our accomplishments. We can make an impact in the world using our passions, our knowledge, and our strength.

So let's be a Supergirl! Our appearance means nothing when our powers matter the most. So let's use it well. Put on your cape and fly!

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