Be A Faith Restorer

By: Beatriz Craven, Guest Blogger

I didn't know you could develop feelings for a hashtag but apparently you can. It's my absolute favorite and every time I see it I just want to give it a hug or a high five or a fist bump or something. It's perfect. Here it is:


Did I tell you? The best. There is something so incredibly pleasing and delightful to me about this tag. Like we hit the emergency stop on our train to Cynicism and declared: "FALSE ALARM, EVERYONE! It's all good. We're not doomed to broken dreams and a life of mediocrity and trolling. The sun just came out." And just like that we hop off the train until next time.


What fascinates me is that we have a visceral reaction to goodness in the world. This strikes me as problematic in a couple of ways. First off, we notice extreme acts of human kindness as just that: extreme. It leans more toward the exception than the norm. Second, we do feel that sense of restoration. Like we were missing something and finally got that replenishment we so deeply needed. Perhaps even without realizing it was missing to begin with. So it occurs to me that we may be experiencing somewhat of a deficiency of kindness in our daily lives. It also seems that these restorations of faith in humanity seem to fall in our laps. Someone has done the restoring for us and we thrive off of that positive energy. I wonder what it would be like to be a faith restorer. Now that is something I would like to put on my CV.

Faith restorer - walks among the crap, pain, and hardship of the world and lights it afire with their love

I'm thinking of what a beautiful challenge it would be for us to take on the role of faith restorer. You may find that the best reminder to be this person is when you need faith yourself. The next time you need kindness and feel bitterness take over: give kindness. When you're feeling lonely and depressed: go to coffee with someone who needs a friend. If your day is feeling blasé: ignite some spark with a genuine smile. See how you can transform the world around you. Who knows, maybe you'll restore someone's faith that day. Without even knowing it.

 Let's Chat!

Human kindness IS the new black!

  • What needs to change for regular, acts of human kindness to be the norm rather than exception?
  • What is your definition of kindness? How do you show it to yourself? To others?
  • List three ways YOU can be a Faith Restorer.

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beatriz.jpgBeatriz finds incredible meaning in her work as a therapist in Houston, Texas. She completed her PhD in Counseling Psychology and works with college students at Sam Houston State University. She is an avid life enthusiast, loving wife, and movie fanatic. Check out her website and tumblr at



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