Bad Blood: A Hit and Miss

By Sana Noor, Guest Blogger

It’s been a week since the Bad Blood music video came out, but the hype hasn’t quite died down just yet. Don’t worry; I still watch the video because, let’s be honest, it is just that good. With an all-star cast that fits, even if the stunts are just over the top, it’s almost impossible not to love this new action-packed video.

While at first I thought this video was the definition of feminism; women taking on superhero, badass roles, there is one thing that lacked in terms of Taylor Swift’s video empowering women. Maybe, just maybe, it contributed to animosity and rivalry between women. It’s hard enough fighting for equal rights, but it’s even more challenging to fight amongst ourselves for these rights.


Why is it that I’ve always known women to be vicious to other women? Is it because they feel threatened? This is what we’ve essentially witnessed growing up and what has been promoted through ‘cat fights’ and girls fighting over boys. Instead of feeling threatened, why not see that person’s admirable traits and work to see where you can change yourself for the better and support each other. Women throughout history have always been on opposite lines of fire, even when fighting for the same cause.

The video was powerful and obviously is causing a hype, but this was Taylor Swift’s opportunity to make big waves for feminism. What could have been more, if properly orchestrated, loses its strength, and simply becomes a simple music video. The video is fun, but that’s what it remains.

Yes, Taylor writes from her own experiences and the rumoured Katy Perry inspiration is obviously present, but how about promoting your feminism through Sin-city like heroines joining forces against a greater evil. Wouldn’t that be great?! The element of betrayal is strong in the song and video, which is very true to life. However, apart from the gun wielding and badass females (among other things), the vibe isn’t all that feminist. It might just be me, but the situation seems do or die. That no matter what, there is no coming back from this betrayal and at the end of it; it will always be women against women.

This is how the world views our gender, tearing each other’s hair out, and generally being exploitative and uncaring towards each other. I don’t know about you, but I want to change that view point. 

Let's chat! How do you feel about Taylor Swift's new video? Do you think it promotes feminism or glamorizes competition between women? Share with us here!

About Sana

SANA_NOOR.jpgSana Noor is a Grammar fanatic, simply loves the colour blue, anything with a history and Florence and the Machine. Her heart bleeds poetry and believes in the art of the handwritten letter. 




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